BEING Within-Between-Among-Beyond

This book written by Paula Englander Golden and David E Golden will help guide the reader to move from relationships of submission and dominance to relationships of equal value. This book is a progression from the book, “Say It Straight: From Compulsions to Choices,” by Paula Englander Golden and Virginia Satir. For over thirty years, we have worked on communication and behavior, using Say It Straight training with children and adults in diverse settings and cultures. Our work led us to understand that when we see our sameness as human beings as more fundamental than our diversity, we can make relationships of equal value a reality. Then, diversity adds richness to our lives, rather than conflict and our deepest longing transcends our wish to be loved and valued by others. It includes our loving and valuing ourselves and our loving and valuing others. Relationships of equal value involve honoring ourselves, others, and our issues, how we are within ourselves, how we are between ourselves and others, how we are in a group, between or among groups or nations, and how we can open a door to go beyond anything we have yet experienced.

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