Podcasts by Members of the Virginia Satir Global Network

The program host is Tim Sitt
Tim Sitt is a psychotherapist in private practice working with individuals, couples, and families. His work revolves around two major themes that impact health and well-being: Self-connection and the Freedom of Movement. He does consulting work through his company ThinkMOVE (www.thinkmove.ca) which aims to help address health and wellness in the workplace through a moving mindset. He is the author of the book “Move or Die”: How the Sedentary Life is Killing Us and How Movement, not Exercise, Can Save Us”  He is a co-host on the podcast, “The Self-Connection Podcast” which is available on itunes and the website: www.freedomtomovegroup.com

The Addicted Mind

Duane Osterlind, LMFT, CSAT,

“My hope is that The Addicted Mind podcast can become a part of that. I want people to find reliable information about addiction treatment and    research. I want people to know that it gets better with the right support and knowledge.I want to share how others have found recovery and created happiness in their lives. I hope The Addicted Mind Podcast helps yo

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Eva Wieprecht