Podcasts by Members of the Virginia Satir Global Network

Tim Sitt is a psychotherapist in private practice working with individuals, couples, and families. His work revolves around two major themes that impact health and well-being: Self-connection and the Freedom of Movement. He does consulting work through his company ThinkMOVE (www.thinkmove.ca) which aims to help address health and wellness in the workplace through a moving mindset. He is the author of the book “Move or Die”: How the Sedentary Life is Killing Us and How Movement, not Exercise, Can Save Us”  He is a co-host on the podcast, “The Self-Connection Podcast” which is available on itunes and the website: www.freedomtomovegroup.com

The Addicted Mind

Duane Osterlind, LMFT, CSAT,

“My hope is that The Addicted Mind podcast can become a part of that. I want people to find reliable information about addiction treatment and    research. I want people to know that it gets better with the right support and knowledge.I want to share how others have found recovery and created happiness in their lives. I hope The Addicted Mind Podcast helps yo

ENRICH TV tools for a love-rich life


The Enrich Retreat is a unique week-long experience for multi-dimensional transformations and self-discovery. Re-connecting to the core of who we are, creating a new relational map for our family dynamics, we draw inspiration for a fulfilling present and a more sustainable future.



Eva Wieprecht

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Narcissism Revealed with Dr. ProvoCarol Provo




Featuring one-on-one interviews with anonymous victims and survivors entangled in abusive, manipulative, narcissistic and toxic relationships. These guests tell their heartbreaking stories but also reveal how they were able to escape or how they are still struggling to survive.





Body Voice Focusing


CONNECTING BODY & MIND FOR BETTER HEALTH & WELL BEING I am a Certified Psychotherapist trained in Feldenkrais Body Awareness, Qi Gong, Voicework & Expressive Arts Therapy. These complimentary body-mind approaches can help you to feel more alive, more grounded & more confident. You can choose which episodes best suit your needs, feel free to explore different options at your own pace.




Una combinación de clases de relajación, meditación, y movimientos suaves para crear conexiones entre el cuerpo, la mente, y nuestro entorno. Las clases están basadas en el método Feldenkrais (autoconciencia a través del movimiento), Focusing (escucha y presencia), y Virginia Satir (fortalecer autoestima y comunicarse con autenticidad).




Clases de Autoconciencia Corporal a base de Movimientos Suaves, Funcionales, y Energizantes.