Zoom Presentations For The Virginia Satir Global Network

Welcome to The Virginia Satir Global Networks weekly informational gathering featuring members of the Virginia Satir Network as well as videos of Satir.  Recent world events have demonstrated a need to connect and support, a role that fits for us as an organization. Recently we have been focused on the COVID-19 and offering information from a Satir perspective that people may find useful. Then George Floyd was Killed and the United State shifted.  Please join us as we explore different topics and work to create a “more just and perfect union”.

The comments made by the presenters are their own and not the property of the Virginia Satir Global Network.
Each work presented is copyrighted by the Person presenting. © All Rights Reserved. These documents are intended for wide, cited distribution.

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      1. Virginia Satir: The Seed Model
      2. Virginia Satir: The Process of change
      3. Virginia Satir: The Communication Stances
      4. Eileen Strider: The “Process of Change” PowerPoint from Media File PDF of Presentation 
      5. Jean McLendon: Practicing Peace Within, Between and Among:   File PDF of Presentation 
      6. Howard Kahn: His history and interest in Satir
      7. Sandy Novak: From Coping to Congruence in the Age of Corona Virus
      8. Maria Gomori: The most profound teachings Maria received from Virginia about living and leaving
      9. Brian Colbert: Developing Resilient States of Consciousness in times of challenge and uncertainty
      10. Michele Baldwin and Bud (Dewitt) Baldwin: One couple’s long standing relationship with Virginia and what they learned about her and themselves
      11. Géric Lebedoff: The principle of uncertainty – looking into the next status quo
      12. Tim Sitt: Interviews Sharon Loeschen
      13. Sandra Finkelman: With whom am I having the pleasure?
      14. Tim Sitt: Towards congruence: integrating the hierarchical model and seed model
      15. Grace Yung Interviewed Barbara Jo Brothers About Her book, Well-Being Writ Large: The Essential Work of Virginia Satir”.
      16. Regina Ragan Taggart: The Wisdom Box, A tool for Self Esteem
      17. Lutricia (“Pat”) Callair and  Jean McLendon: A Conversation about Racism
      18. Lutricia (“Pat”) Callair, Myriam Loeschen and Maggie Gitu-Nair: Conversation about Racism
      19. Sophia Diaz, Maria Traver, Ginny Wong, Miriam Freeman, Gabriel Galassi and Hugh Gratz: A Conversation about Racism
      20. Stephen Buckbee: A presentation about the “Mandala”,  Process of Change and current events  PDF for presentation  Mandala Chaos
      21. Laura Dodson: Transformational Change In Human System. PDF for Transformational Change In Human Systems 
      22. Alina and Andreea Serban: Unique and Different 
      23. Bonnie Lee: Using the Congruence Couple Therapy Frame for Exploring the Spiritual Dimension
      24. Pat Bragg: Humanizing Divorce Mediation  Using Virginia Satir’s Beliefs and Processes When Couples Separate
      25. John Banmen:The Satir Inheritance 
      26. Natalie Chantagul:  Satir Stances
      27. Robert Williams: Understanding Context,Congruence and Coping Stances:  A Digital Analysis of Mental States
      28. Gabrielle Galassi: The Satir Coaching and Mentoring Program for a Homeless Shelter Charity
      29. Jacobie Robinson: Using the Satir Model to Help Heterosexual African American Men Who are Addicted to Online Pornography Reclaim Their Identity and Sexual Satisfaction in Marriage
      30. Jean Mclendon and Lutricia Callair: Virginia’s Ways of Perceiving the World 
      31. Jean McLendon,  and Lutricia Callair,: Virginia Satir’s Seed Model to look at it as a way to understand what we need to do to create an anti-racist and non-white supremacy culture
      32. Melanie DeMore: Song writer and singer Sings a song called “I know there is A Sun”
      33. Suzanne Brown: Satir and Substance Abuse
      34. Madeleine De Little: Satir in the Sand Tray. PDF of Presentation  Satir in the Sand Tray
      35. Darya Haitoglou: Change-Intelligence. How to master a habit change    Change Intelligence Brochure
      36. Stephen Buckbee: Stephen Buckbee  Interviewed  by Hana Scibranyova.   PDF of Presentation
      37. Dani Weinberg: Satir has Gone to the Dogs (Training dogs using Satir concepts)
      38. Brenda Wade: The Universal Power of the Satir Model: Applying Virginia Satir’s work in Books, TV, Film and in Unlearning Racism
      39. Martha Morgan: Using Satir in Therapy,Education and Life.   Using Satir In Therapy PDF
      40. Janine Tougas and Valerie Monk: Virginia Satir and Mother Goose
      41. Linda Lucas: Virginia Satir and The Fourth Birth of being human
      42. Sibel Erenel: Working with Couples in the Satir Model in Building Intimacy and Helping Resolving Differences.   File PDF of Presentation.
      43. Sandy Novak: The Iceberg—The Essential Tool of Transformation
      44. Michelle, Ryan:Helping Children Grieve Using the Satir Model 
      45. Seth Eisenberg: Realizing Virginia’s Vision of Sacred Trust for America’s Most Vulnerable
      46. Miriam Freeman: Laughter Yoga Listen to the link below to hear the mediation.
      47. Tali Aharony:How to build a safe connected community? What is the secret of Satir that facilitates such a community?
      48. Nestern Gazioglu: Applying the Satir Model to Positive Psychology File PDF of presentation
      49. Robin Beardsley: Know Thy Self 
      50. Ann Steiner Ann Steiner:  The Healing Power of Groups  Recommended Reading 4 Satir Global Steiner
      51. Jennifer Nagel: Beyond Survival: From Coping to Congruence
      52. Jamie and Ross Ungerleider Discovering Your Mindful Heart: An Explorer’s Guide.  Developing your internal resources to manage life’s demands.
      53. Kirsten Murray: Strong Couples: Basic Skills the Elicit Connection and Transform Relationships.
      54. James Robert Bitter: Similarities and Difference Between Adler and Satir. (Video Pending)
      55. Maggie Gitu: Sex Therapy and Satir: Exploring through the Lens of Choice
      56. Darya Haitoglou and Pat Bragg. Virtual Sculpting. Technology meets Satir
      57. Agnes Windram: Connecting to and Taking Care of Each Other
      58. Hugh Gratz: A Trauma response Worker, Lessons learned
      59. David Golden and Paula Englander Golden, Virginia Satir and Say it Straight The following is the Transcript:  My wife
      60. Maryl Weatherburn and Sharon Loeschen Stories for Growth and Transformation 
      61. Cecilia Costa: The Transformation Game Integrated into the Sacred Work of Virginia Satir
      62. Paula and David Golden: A Sample Workshop from the Say It Straight Training
      63. Mel McNeil: Reflections on the Marriage of Meaning and Purpose
      64. Diana Newton:Yoga and Self-Esteem.  PDF Yoga & self-esteem
      65. Jamie Ungerleider and Ross Ungerielder: Applying Satir’s Model to Dissonant and Resonant Leadership Styles
      66. Aznive Tossounian: The Power of Family Reconstruction
      67. Carol E. Provo:Cluster B Personality Disorders, Narcissism and the Satir Model
      68. Miriam Freeman, Valerie McGaha, Louis Vetri and Cynthia Spray: The Satir Coaching and Mentoring Specialist Program
      69. Patricia Jameson: Relationships:A Call to Disruptive Empathy
      70. Darya Haitoglou: Virginia Satir Communication Tool for Conflict Resolution and Presentation online
      71. Duane Osterlind and Gundolf Strehl: Including Satir in working with Individuals struggling with compulsive sexual behavior and serial infidelity
      72. Sr. Maria LirioL. Guillermo:Triads and Family Process An application of the teachings of Virginia Satir in the School Setting
      73. Jeanne Villa:Transformational NLP
      74. Gundolf Strehl: Finding and dealing with Trauma In Therapy
      75. Carole E. Provo: Games, Tricks and Weapons:Exploring the Narcissistic Playbook
      76. Agnes Windram:A Trainees’ Journey Through the Enriching Program:Discovering, Experiencing & Growing Together
      77. Nitza Broide-Miller, Beth Nemesh and Ofra River: Integrating Expressive Arts with the Satir Model.