About Satir Global

The Mission of The Virginia Satir Global Network® is to “further the creation of healthy and just relationships, based on the teachings of Virginia Satir.” Her teachings declare that a healthy and just relationship honors the self, the other and the context. Elements that she taught as being instrumental in honoring each of these include:

  • Being connected with your Spirit/Self and relating from that energy in order to see, hear and understand others, as well as your self.
  • Valuing your self and others as being worthy of love.
  • Having an awareness of your behavior, beliefs, expectations and feelings in order to be able to choose to respond in ways that honor your self, the other and the context.
  • Opening to greater understanding and acceptance of your self and others.
  • Viewing your self and others as equals in personhood, no matter what differences there are in age, roles, etc., such as child and parent, wife and husband, student and teacher, patient and doctor, employee and supervisor.
  • Celebrating your uniqueness, and that of all others, and at the same time honoring your sameness with all others in terms of common human feelings.
  • Believing that change is possible.

The Aims of the Network for carrying out our mission are as follows:

  • To provide an inclusive forum to support and encourage the creativity of individuals, groups and institutes in the use, sharing and development of the Satir Growth Model.
  • To promote global networking of individuals and groups who espouse the teachings of Virginia Satir.

Donations from the US are tax-deductible as Satir Global is designated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.


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