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Join us for The Voices of Satir: An International Perspective

March 3-4 2023

An Online Event

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Satir Summer Intensive Training

The UNC Satir and Virginia Satir Global Network (VSGN) present the 2023 Satir Summer Intensive Training in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. It will begin on Monday, July 10th at 8:30 am and conclude Saturday, July 15th at 5:30pm. On Wednesday, July 12th, there is an evening session from 7:00 – 8:30 pm. There will be a welcoming lunch on Monday.


The Summer Intensive Training is a unique opportunity to learn about the Satir Growth Model from a theoretical perspective as well as through hands-on, experiential activities in an intimate setting with internationally recognized Satir experts and trainers. The Satir Model teaches us that self-reflection and gaining clarity about our own thought processes are crucial elements in improving our communication skills and increasing positive outcomes in any situation that involves human systems or interactions – so training involves a good deal of personal work and individualized attention and feedback from the facilitators as well as practical tools for applying the model effectively in a professional capacity. For more information

Major Fundraising Campaign

To advance projects with systemic Satir-based approaches to dismantle racism to create an equal and just society for all.


The Virginia Satir Global Network Anti-Racism Grant Fund(hereafter The Fund) seeks to encourage, empower and engage social and racial justice initiatives that focus on impactful change and equality through action. The VSGN Anti-Racist Grant Fund is requesting proposals from African American, Black or African Diaspora leaders/individuals and organizations led by African American, Black or African Diaspora leaders that are committed to dismantling systems that perpetuate racism and helping to eliminate inequities in black communities.

Inspired by recent events in the USA, The Virginia Satir Global Network wants to take strides to combat systemic racism within its own organization and throughout its sphere of influence.

Who We Are

The Virginia Satir Global Network consists of individuals, institutes and organizations dedicated to furthering the creation of healthy and just relationships with self and others based on the teachings of Virginia Satir.

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Renewal Process

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To further the creation of healthy and just relationships, with self and others, based on the teachings of Virginia Satir

Virginia Satir’s teachings declare that a healthy and just relationship honors the self, the other and the context.

The aims of the Network for carrying out our mission are as follows:

  • To provide an inclusive forum to support and encourage the creativity of individuals, groups and institutes in the use, sharing and development of the Satir Growth Model.
  • To promote global networking of individuals and groups who espouse the teachings of Virginia Satir.

We are delighted that you are interested in becoming a member of the Virginia Satir Global Network. By doing so, you are supporting an organization that is working tirelessly to bring Virginia Satir’s message to the world.