The Satir Coaching and Mentoring Specialist Program


The international Satir Coaching and Mentoring Specialist Program is a unique, powerful and effective certificate program created by Sharon Loeschen, MSW, based on the work of Virginia Satir, world renowned therapist, teacher, author and change agent.  Intended for lay people as well as professionals, the program is psychoeducational with a dual focus on education and psychological strengths, skills and resources.  It involves learning from the inside out relating to personal growth, theory and skills development.  There are three levels of training plus a supervised practicum to become a certified Satir Coaching and Mentoring Specialist. Fees are determined by individual trainers in consultation with their trainees. Additional levels to become certified as trainers and master-trainers are also available.

Here are a few samples of the feedback that we have received regarding the training:

    • unique, powerful, systemic and step by step approach
    • easily comprehensible regardless of background incredibly
    • touching hearts and minds of people worldwide
    • clients grow by leaps and bounds
    • a journey of love
    • exciting to bring it to organizations and lay people beyond the therapy world
    • holistic and universal approach:  we are all family
    • simple and powerfully profound
    • spreading Virginia’s heart and work in the world

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