The Satir Coaching and Mentoring Specialist Program

Certification to be a Satir Coach and Mentor

The purpose of the program is to train coaches and mentors to apply the concepts and methodology of the world famous social worker and therapist, Virginia Satir, to the field of coaching and mentoring. The training is based on the six phases of her work and the skills within each phase. The phases are:  Making Contact, Validating, Facilitating Awareness, Promoting Acceptance, Eliciting Positive Choices and Constructive Change. These are what make this type of coaching and mentoring so UNIQUE, POWERFUL and EFFECTIVE!

The training will be tailored to the experience and needs of the trainee and will involve completing assignments for structured lessons, as well as additional assignments given to you by your trainer.  You will also have on-going supervision and mentoring as needed.  Due to this customized form of training, the exact number of hours required cannot be given but an estimate would be 40.

If you are wish to take the training, click on the button below to pay for the copyrighted training materials. You will then be contacted by a trainer to make the additional fee arrangements for the training sessions. Once you those arrangements have been made, you will receive your first lesson.

If you would like to know more about the training before paying, you may contact the office at and ask to speak with a trainer. They will explain the program and the fee arrangement.

Certification to be a Trainer of Satir Coaches and Mentors

If, after being certified as a Satir Coach and Mentor, you wish to become certified to train others to be coaches, contact the Satir Global office and a trainer will contact you to discuss your experience and the details of the program.

Satir Coaching and Mentoring Specialist Training Levels 1 and 2