Current Board


Sharon Loeschen


Sharon Loeschen is the president of the Board. She is a licensed clinical social worker in private practice in Long Beach, California and is the author of The Satir Process, Systematic Training in the Skills of Satir, The Secrets of Satir and Enriching Your Relationship with Yourself and Others. She also co-authored the psycho-educational Enriching Program that is Satir based.

Johnny Faulkner

Vice President

Johnny Faulkner is the vice-president of the Board, as well as the archivist and historian for the organization. He has his Ph.D. in Marriage and Family Therapy, a private practice in Russellville, Arkansas and has taught as an adjunct professor in two universities. He has a passion for preserving Virginia’s and the Satir community’s legacy, for the purpose of passing along the teachings of how to become more fully human to present and future generations.

Gundolf Strehl

Gundolf Strehl


Gundolf Strehl is the secretary of the Board and the co-author of the The Satir Prozess, a German translation of The Satir Process. He has a Diploma of Psychology and is a master-trainer in the Enriching program and is currently studying to be an occupational therapist in Argentina.


Eileen Strider


Eileen Strider is a retired information management consultant. She began studying Virginia’s work in 1988 when she realized that many technical problems were primarily people problems. Eileen and her partner and spouse Wayne Strider used their Satir skills to help their clients recognize how they contributed to their own problems. Then they showed the clients how to change their behavior to repair relationships and address their technical issues congruently. Their work involved clients in the following industries: aerospace, higher education, biotechnology, insurance, non-profits, accounting, gaming, veterinary medicine and software development. Having seen how valuable and effective Virginia’s model was with her clients, Eileen is committed to seeing Virginia’s work continue to be taught, used and recognized. Eileen previously served as Board Treasurer for 3 years. She also has volunteered her time in numerous roles including GoFundMe campaign organizer and Satir website redesign project manager and member of the IHLRN Board.


Stephen B. Buckbee


Stephen Buckbee is a member-at-large of the Board. He is a retired from Bay de Noc Community College where he coordinated a “Human Services” program. He is a licensed in the State of Michigan as a Masters Social Worker and a Professional Counselor. He met Satir in 1985 and in 1988 a month before Satir died he was invited to join AVANTA now know as Virginia Satir Global Network. He has been actively teaching about Satir and her work since 1988. He is a partner with Mike Dupont and Dan Doyle in BDD training Associates since 1988 focusing on the Process of Change in systems.


Martha Morgan


Martha Morgan is a member-at-large of the Board. She has a Ph.D. in Marriage and Family Therapy and is a full time professor at John Brown University in Arkansas. Martha states that when she started her doctoral study, Satir became a natural fit for the way she works with clients. She chose to join the Board to serve the Satir community and to get more connected with it.


Pat Bragg


Pat Bragg is a member-at-large of the Board. She lives in Whitehorse, Yukon , Canada. She is in private practice doing Mediation, Counselling, Coaching, Training in Conflict Resolution and Virginia Satir based Change Model. Her work has taken her to eight provinces and two territories in Canada, the USA Turkey and Bahrain. She has worked extensively in First Nations and multi-cultural groups and will custom design training or counselling to meet individual or community needs.


Kim Hendren

Administrative Director

Kim Hendren is our administrative director. She lives near Raleigh, North Carolina and has over twenty-five years of experience in finance. She loves communicating with people and anyone who has a question or concern can contact her at