Current Board


Eileen Strider



Eileen Strider is a retired information management consultant. She began studying Virginia’s work in 1988 when she realized that many technical problems were primarily people problems. Eileen and her partner and spouse Wayne Strider used their Satir skills to help their clients recognize how they contributed to their own problems. Then they showed the clients how to change their behavior to repair relationships and address their technical issues congruently. Their work involved clients in the following industries: aerospace, higher education, biotechnology, insurance, non-profits, accounting, gaming, veterinary medicine and software development. Having seen how valuable and effective Virginia’s model was with her clients, Eileen is committed to seeing Virginia’s work continue to be taught, used and recognized. Eileen previously served as Board Treasurer for 3 years. She also has volunteered her time in numerous roles including GoFundMe campaign organizer and Satir website redesign project manager and member of the IHLRN Board.

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Michael Argumaniz Hardin

Board Member 

 Michael Hardin, Ph.D., LMFT, LPC-S, CFLE
Dr. Michael Argumaniz-Hardin began his employment at Fuller Theological Seminary in the Department of Marriage and Family Therapy in July 2020. He was instrumental in starting a 10-month Virginia Satir practicum for students where they spent 7 hours a week seeing clients using the Satir model while getting live supervision. Before working for Fuller, Dr. Argumaniz-Hardin was a professor at Lubbock Christian University. He served as the Chair over the Department of Psychology & Counseling for 13 years. In his tenure as Department Chair, he established the Bullard Institute for Strong Families, and founded the Healthy Families Conference. Additionally, he has much experience and a long history of serving and giving his time and energy to various boards.

Carol E. Provo


Carol E. Provo is currently the Treasurer of the Satir Board and former Co-Chair of the Satir Anti-Racism Committee. She holds a Doctorate Degree in Clinical Psychology and a Master’s in Public Administration (MPA). Her professional experience includes more than 30 years of work as a professional administrative/budget analyst, executive team member and professor with City government, the California State Department of Mental Health, and the California State University system. As a university professor for 21 years, she has been teaching Applied Statistics, Financial Management and Strategic Planning. She has a private practice, where she uses “breakthrough coaching” with professional and executive clients to remove emotional and psychological blockages to success. She is also the author of “Provoke Not Your Children: How to Escape the Emotional Trap of a Narcissistic Mother”, as well as the host and producer of the podcast, “Narcissism Revealed with Dr. Provo”.

Dr. Natalie Chantagul

Natalie has a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology and is an integrative therapist and founder of the Bangkok Psychological Services and the Satir Institute of Thailand (Bangkok).  She is also a master-trainer in the Satir Coaching and Mentoring program and has a passion for spreading the teachings of Virginia Satir.



Robert Williams

My name is Robert E. Williams, and I am a US Army veteran, startup founder, author and serial entrepreneur. I am a graduate of The University of Wales Trinity St David where I attained my MBA in global business management. In 2015 I launched my startup Athcorp Inc. and built XZEVN, a multi-modal mental health analysis platform. In 2018 Athcorp partnered with the National Security Administration Office of Research and Technology (ORTA) and Bowie State University research laboratory to study how machine learning and artificial intelligence can be leveraged to improve telehealth outcomes. In 2017 Mr. Karl Ginter, my technology adviser at the time, introduced me to Jean McLendon of the UNC Department of Social Work Satir Program. Jean introduced me to the work of Virginia Satir when I participated in two Satir summer intensive courses conducted at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill Department of Social Work Summer Satir Program. Today, I serve as a strategic advisor to businesses seeking help with planning, designing, and standing up mobile and web applications. My connection to Satir is rooted in my training in the Satir Transformational Systemic Therapy (STST) method.  Through my connections training, I learned to not focus on the chaos in life but to navigate that chaos by tapping into my internal resources.  I now integrate Satir’s teachings into not only my personal life but also as a foundational framework of my business culture.


Dr. Gina Adams Gephart

Gina Adams Gephart, currently serving as the Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs at CAPSTONE University, offers a wealth of experience in nonprofit leadership, governance, policy management, and compliance. With doctoral degrees in psychotherapy and education, Gina has over two decades of expertise in higher education and digital learning. Her unwavering commitment revolves around improving education quality for all learners, and she actively collaborates to integrate Satir’s transformative teachings into CAPSTONE University courses. Beyond her academic role, Gina is a Certified Life and Trauma Recovery Coach and co-founder of SCORES™, a relational model fostering safety and connection within educational and family contexts. In these roles, she nurtures emerging leaders dedicated to carrying forward Virginia Satir’s legacy of promoting healthy relationships and personal growth, embodying Satir’s philosophy of “Peace within, peace between, and peace among.”


Lea Wells

Lea Wells is retired from a career in librarianship, and lives in Chapel Hill, NC.
Her career focused on facilitation, communication, strategic planning, human resources, and faculty and staff development.
Most recently she co-partnered in Jordan Wells Associates, which conducted workshops with library staffs in Turkey, Azerbaijan, the United Arab Emirates, and St. Petersburg, Russia and consulted with a number of university libraries including those at New York University, Duke University, East Carolina University, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Koç University in Istanbul, and participated in trainings in Cairo and at Zayed University in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
Virginia Satir’s work entered her life through Conjoint Family Therapy in 1966/67 and has continued to influence her philosophy and career in facilitation, training, consulting, and parenting. In 1995 she encountered Sharon Loeschen and her publications of Virginia Satir’s teachings and she has used those works continually since then.  She is challenged by working with people of all cultures and if elected, she will do her best to facilitate the sharing of ideas and successes.

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Brooke Sanders

Brooke Sanders is our Administrative Director, who was first introduced to the work of Virginia Satir during her studies to become a Marriage and Family Therapist at Mercer University. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to her at