Stories from our Muslim members: Siham D. Abu-Eita

Stories from our Muslim members: Siham D. Abu-Eita

My name is Siham D. Abu-Eita and I am a Professor at Hashemite University in Jordan. I received my PhD in counselling from George Washington University. I have taught at many universities. I was the Chairperson of the Education Psychology Department, the Dean of School of Educational Science & Dean of Queen Rania College of Childhood. I have been a consultant for the National Council for Family Affairs in Jordan, a consultant with the World Bank as an expert in establishing counseling programs, a member of the International Society for Protection Child Abused and Neglected (Scholar). I have taught the Satir Model for more than nine years for students studying for a Master’s degree in family counseling. I also attended the 2012 Satir Global Network Confrence in Chapel Hill, NC.

I took the on-line training course Enriching Your Relationship with Yourself and Others with Sharon Loeschen, in 2013. I gave two workshops in this course for students in Jordan. I translated into Arabic the “Satir Process ” by Sharon Loeshen, Conjoint Family Therapy by Satir and edited the Arabic translation of the Satir’s The New People Making.

I believe we can promote peace. Peace is realized when we oppose all forms of discrimination and oppression, when the people have the right to equitable human rights and a fair allocation of societal resources.

Promoting access and equity to insure full participation in the life of a society, particularly for those who have been systematically excluded on the basis of race/ethnicity, gender, age, physical or mental disability, education, and socioeconomic status, are essential in realizing peace.

The increasing economic division between social classes, social economic inequalities, the struggle of equal rights; political injustice issues, the achievement gap in education, and sex discrimination, are the barriers of realizing peace.