Self-Esteem Maintenance Cards


Self-Esteem Maintenance Cards by Dr. Michael Argumaniz-Hardin

A Virginia Satir Inspired Therapy Aide

The Self-Esteem Maintenance Kit is designed to help you increase inner responsibility and connect you to your internal wisdom in times of joy and in times of struggle. Take these cards out and flip through them as you meditate on which tool you need most in any given moment.

Self-Esteem Maintenance Kit

Wisdom Box – To Truly Know
Heart – To Love Well
Wishing Wand – To Wish
Detective Hat – To Be Curious
Golden Key – To Open Possibilities
Courage Stick – To Take Risks
Yes/No Medallion – To Be Clear


Guidance for those who want to grow

Each card holds guidance for the seeker who is on their growth journey.  When the seeker needs encouragement to harness their inner strengths, these cards are a reminder of what they have access to within.

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