Poems and Meditations


If you select a poem it will be open as a PDF, Links have been provided for more information about the authors.

Lockdown by Richard Hendrick

Its-O.K by Ingolsby

Hokusai Says by Keyes

Poetry_Mary Oliver_Wild Geese + Re-write

The Cure For It All by Julia Fehrenbacher

Different and Unique


Satir Global_Meditation Centering/Meditation for Satir Global June 24, 2020 Roger and Nancy Harmon

George Gondron Don’t stop poem 

Prejudice article ejournal 2020 version “Alleviating Prejudicial Hate: The Strategies of Virginia Satir” by Sandy Novak, MS, MA, LPC

On the Pulse of the Morning by Maya Angelou 

‘All one’ poem by Maryl Weatherburn