News Flash: The Satir Anti-Racism Learning Community

News Flash: The Satir Anti-Racism Learning Community

The Satir Anti-Racism Learning Community

Virginia Satir, an internationally known pioneer in the field of family therapy and the author of Peoplemaking, said ”We come together from our sameness and grow from our differences.” And yet we know there are some differences that have proven to be intractable in our society even after decades and decades of effort. This is certainly true with race. In the 21st century in many ways America remains a racially divided society. In a diverse America whose creed is equality and justice for all. Where the Statue of Liberty stands in Ellis Island with the message,” Bring me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to be free. We are challenged with a question. Who are we to one another? Can we heal the wounds of racism, grow in the richness of our diversity and enjoy the fullness of our humanity?

We will provide a learning laboratory designed specifically to do the work of claiming an anti-racist identity as we seek to become more fully human. We will invite the spirit of acceptance, empathy, compassion, trust and forgiveness to be with us throughout the experience.
We will use the models and methods of Virginia Satir MSW as we develop our learning community. We will practice the skills of connecting authentically and congruently. We will deepen our understanding and appreciation of our differences in experiences, perceptions, beliefs, expectations, feelings, and yearnings.



We offer a facilitated skill based process focused on developing authentic connections where people can practice ‘Five Freedoms’ which are often blocked by arbitrary labels such as race, gender, age, sexual preference, religion, etc. There will be five weekly 2 hour sessions with interim practice activities designed to support action steps for anti-racist change artist.
The community is limited to 24 persons plus four facilitators.  The four small facilitated process groups will maintain their composition through out the five sessions.  Members of the small groups will connect to the larger community at each meeting.

This will be a closed group. To assure group cohesiveness, participants must attend all sessions. Should there be a need for an absence, participants should advise facilitators prior to group meetings. However to insure the integrity of the group’s process, they can not continue to participate in this current process. Over time should a member wish or need to leave the group, that member will discuss their decision with the facilitators. When possible, the announcement will be made by the member at a group meeting.

We anticipate beginning the first Friday in October from 1:00 pm  – 3:00 pm Eastern Time.

                                                 Application Process:

Participants will submit an application to Satir Global via address  There is an application fee of $15. Applicants are asked to respond to the following four questions:

  1. Are you able to attend all 5 sessions understanding, that missing a session means you can no longer continue?
  2. Have you attended any of Satir Global’s zoom conversations about anti-racism?
  3. What have you read or participated in that addresses the issues of white supremacy and anti-racism? (25 words or less)
  4. Name the groups with whom you identify (race, gender, economic status, sexual preference, age, etc.)

Participant Selection
Facilitators will select the first group members. Their primary interest will be to have diverse small groups

Participant Fee
$50 per session, scholarships will be available on a limited basis
Participant Certificate of Completion

10 contact hours will be indicated on certificates of completion.

Our Beliefs
We believe that racism has happened to all of us either directly or indirectly.

We believe that whatever has happened we all have a part in it.

We believe that racism can be interrupted as we come to develop relationships that are empathetic compassionate, caring and deeply respectful.

We believe Satir’s tools can help us develop a healthy sense of self, communicate with care and compassion. Resolve conflict with deep respect, understand and affirm our differences.

Facilitators  for Learning Community
Lutricia Callair  and Jean McLendon, primary facilitators have invited their long term colleagues Leon Spencer and Hugh Gratz as guest facilitators.  All four are seasoned Satir practitioners and identify as black and white.

Lutricia and Jean were born and grew up in South Carolina. They are engaged in their own process of understanding how racism has influenced their relationship. It is a real time experience of seeking to connect beyond the trauma and secrets of their segregated worlds. Lutricia and Jean will be a real-life example of the complexity and gift of congruence especially when their experiences have been so different. They do not claim any definitive insight or special skill. They believe becoming fully human is a life- long process. When appropriate and useful their journey offers a snapshot for the learning group as members engage their own process of becoming more fully human.