News Flash: Satir in Europe Conference 2020

News Flash: Satir in Europe Conference 2020



The International conference Satir in Europe 2020 with the topic “From symptom to healthy balance within, between and among” is a special event to invite You – the professionals or curious fans – developing the legacy of Virginia Satir – to meet in the heart of Europe in Bratislava in June 2020.

The basic message of Satir that there is a strong link between life in the family and the kind of adults that that family´s children become – is very up to date. It seemed to her to be very important that from those who start in the family develop the strongest and most congruent people possible – and in time – they will change the character of our society.

More than fifty years ago it was Virginia who knew, that we can find easier and more effective ways to handle conflicts; we can benefit from it rather than destroying ourselves, that there are better ways to deal with ourselves and each other. We have only to put them into practice. She knew, that each of us is needed. What we as individuals can contribute with is developing high self-esteem.

For the planet and its inhabitants to survive we need to work supporting the development of human beings with moral, ethical and humanistic values. For Virginia Satir it was learning how to be congruent, and that leading to becoming more fully human and developing our ability to live together in harmony. All people who are working on that contribute to the stability and the positives of the world for all of us, to enjoy the life on our beautiful planet…WE ARE ON THE WAY…

Virginia Satir messages written in italics are from second edition of The New Peoplemaking.

Our conference will bring the pleasure to meet together and is the invitation for therapists, counsellors, professionals in helping professions, managers of human resources, academics and people, who want to create a more peaceful world, to share their learnings and experiences,to discuss, explore and discover more about individual, couple and family therapy and systems and humanistic approach. It will be our pleasure to host the guests and support the meetings and sessions also celebrating our special invited guests. Many of them are the first generation students of Virginia Satir. This will be the unique time again to connect with more generations of Satir students all over the world.
Agentúra KAMI