News Flash:  Immediate need for Satir International Journal Editor

News Flash: Immediate need for Satir International Journal Editor


                                               Satir International Journal Seeks New Editor

We have an IMMEDIATE NEED for a qualified person to step in and assume leadership for the Satir International Journal. The Satir International Journal is an e-journal that is published online which offers research and applications of Virginia Satir’s teachings for the mental health of individuals and promotes the healthy development of families, groups, and organizations in society. The journal is currently published once per year and is committed to disseminating scholarly work and maintaining high publication standards.

If you are interested and curious about this volunteer position, you will find a document entitled, Editor Duties and Desired Qualifications at the following link:

If you have not had a chance to view the Satir International Journal, take a look at the current issue and past issues at

Journals serve as a means for scholars and researchers to share research, in-depth discussion of theoretical concepts, as well as practical applications of a model. It is a means for scholars, researchers, and practitioners to share their work with the broader community.

If, after reading the description of the duties and qualifications, you continue to be interested in the position, please contact Eileen Strider at