News Flash: Honoring the Work of Nitza Broide Miller

News Flash: Honoring the Work of Nitza Broide Miller

Honoring the Work of Nitza Broide Miller

It has been since 2010 that Nitza Broide Miller has been going to Hong Kong to do workshops using Dance/ Movement Transformational Therapy. She connected the teaching of the Satir Model through the use of the body as this experience seemed to her that it applied the whole person and expressed the Satir concepts more fully. Since 2010, the workshops were developed further to work on the process of change using the body. She uses visualization, imagery and music to process the issues that people are working on. Marie Lam translates the workshops for Nitza to the local language and her work has expanded to Taiwan, Shanghai, Beijing and other locations in China.

This last September, 2017, she went to Hong Kong and did two workshops, one using Dance/Movement Transformational Therapy for personal growth and the second on the use of the body for healing trauma. She also went to WuXi, China where the Satir Center organized a workshop to experience the Satir concepts through dance, music, and meditation. During this workshop, the participants had many discoveries about that which had been locked in their unconscious from early childhood.

Nitza was also invited for the first time to Bangkok, Thailand where close to 50 people participated in her workshop including psychiatrists, residents, nurses and other health workers.

Currently Nitza is in Israel where she will be teaching two workshops: one on “Betrayal” and the second one on “Forgiveness and Apology”. Most of the participants in the workshops in Israel have been training in the Satir Model since 2006 and they are planning to expand on their training and carry the Satir mission further.