News Flash: Honoring the life of Becky Spitzer

News Flash: Honoring the life of Becky Spitzer


Honoring the Life of Becky Spitzer

It is with sadness that we share with you the following news from our sister organization, IHRLN, that Becky Spitzer died on January 17th, 2018.

“Becky and her husband Bob were among Virginia’s closest friends and confidantes. Virginia selected both to be on the first IHLRN Board of Directors and Becky to be Vice President. She served in that role for more than twenty years. She also served as Program Committee chairman for many years.

Through their company, Science and Behavior Books, Becky and Bob published all of Virginia’s books. Becky was active in many community organizations working for social justice and reproductive health care.

No one who knew her could fail to be impressed by her competence, intelligence, energy, graciousness, smile, and understated elegance.”