News Flash: Featuring the work of Eva Wieprecht

News Flash: Featuring the work of Eva Wieprecht


We are featuring the work of Eva Wieprecht this week for her creation of a coaching model that integrates the Enriching Program and the Generative Coaching approach. It is called the 7 Systemic Satir Stages and was first introduced in Brazil. Since then she has presented it at the Satir 100th Birthday Conference in Vancouver and at the International Coaching Certification Programs in Russia, Spain and Germany. There were 230 participants in Russia, 90 in Spain and 80 in Germany.

Harmonizing the two Models and integrating them has resulted in the 7 following steps that create a practical Metastructure and pathway to Coach on the level of identity changes.

The 7 Systemic Satir Stages are called:
1) Making Contact
2) Setting an Intention
3) Activating a Field of Resources
4) Taking Action and Becoming Aware of Old Learnings
5) Transforming Obstacles
6) Creating Practices
7) Establishing a Circle of Support: (Circle of Love)

If you would like to learn more about the model, please contact Kim Hendren at the Satir Global office, ( and we will pass on your interest to Eva.