News Flash: Celebrating the certification of Elisabeth Troitzky and Geric Lebedoff

News Flash: Celebrating the certification of Elisabeth Troitzky and Geric Lebedoff



We are celebrating the certification


Elisabeth Troitzky and Geric Lebedoff

from Paris, France as trainers in the Satir Coaching and Mentoring Program

They have a private practice in Paris in what they call,”neuro-practitioning”. Here is their description of their philosophy:

“We do not want to be labeled as “therapists” because, as Virginia rightly states, we see ourselves as teachers on how to become more human. Our goal is to expand our abilities to see the many ways that humans adapt instead of comparing.”

In our practice we aim to bring our clients to a new awareness of their vast untapped potential. Our philosophy is to awaken our customers and make them understand that the “I”, the most intimate self, pervades the universe and all other human beings.

In this context, we feel particularly attentive, and feel attuned to Virginia’s teachings because she went beyond the given, to see patterns, relationships and contexts. As professionals, we must see our clients as “stewards” of all their internal and external resources and have them realize that they are neither victims nor limited by conditions or conditioning.

As stated by Virginia,”human nature is neither good nor bad, but open to continuous transformation and transcendence”. This is our credo. We would love to convey in our country the essence of congruent life according to the Virginia’s “seed model”:

– to communicate clearly
– to cooperate rather than compete
-to empower rather than subjugate
-to enhance individual uniqueness rather than categorize
-to use authority to guide and accompany
-to get people to learn how to love themselves

Yes, we would like to heal the greatest possible number of people by having them learn how to care for their families and to use these lessons to heal the world as much as we can.


Making Contact

This book by Virginia Satir is truly a gem. It contains four of her most famous poems, I am Me, Goals for Me, Five Freedoms and Making Contact. And in clear and concise terms, you will learn how to make contact with yourself and others. Very often people ignor the essence of this process but Virginia identifies the elements of making contact, what can get in the way and how to make positive changes.
Concepts covered in the book include “congruence,” “self-esteem,” “communication stances,” “family rules,” “awareness,” “expectations,” “assumptions,” “inner resources,” and living the “five freedoms.”
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Making Contact