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The Virginia Satir Global Network consists of individuals, institutes and organizations dedicated to furthering the creation of healthy and just relationships with self and others based on the teachings of Virginia Satir.

We would like to honor Dr. Bonnie Lee for her significant contributions to the development of the Satir Model through theoretical conceptualization, clinical application, clinical research and academic publications.  Bonnie is an Associate Professor at Lethbridge University in Canada.  She is also a Clinical Fellow with the American Association of Marriage and Family and a Social Worker.  

Bonnie’s focus on Satir began with her doctoral dissertation where she focused on the spiritual, philosophical, ritual and empirical significance of Satir’s work.   Then in 2002, she developed the Congruence Scale and more recently in 2009 she operationalized congruence, as “attending, awareness, acknowledgement and alignment” in the four dimensions of intrapsychic, interpersonal, intergenerational and universal-spiritual. 
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Online courses

Here are two online courses a great way to learn more about the ideas of Virginia Satir.

This course was written by Sharon Loeschen and adapted for the web. It is a wonder way to earn some continuing ed for NBCC <https://www.openlearning.com/courses/the-satir-process>

This course contains more than 6 hours of good quality video of Satir and her work and is supported by text about her therapeutic concepts. Continuing education credits not yet available but are in process.




Please register for “The Satir International Journal”

Please remember to register for the Satir Journal

The New Edition of the Journal is out, pass the word.


The journal is free of charge. Virginia would have loved this. She wanted her teachings to be available to everyone. Her dream was to reach the everyday citizen. To be more specific, though, her teachings speak more to a population open to trying on a new way of looking at things. The Satir International Journal holds the possibility of providing educational and training resources as well as personal resources for a wide range of subscribers. Virginia Satir wanted to broadly influence the world. This journal is accessible. The one thing that could limit the journal’s accessibility is if people, like you, do not know about this free resource. That’s where our members and guests come in…..

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Outstanding Service Award Dr. Young Kim

We are honored to present the Outstanding Service Award to Dr. Young Ae Kim. As the founder of the Korea Satir Institute (KSI), her professional life has demonstrated such a huge commitment to establishing the Satir Model in the Korean sociocultural context and helping countless Korean families and individuals for nearly two decades. Here, we would like to share how she has contributed to the world with Satir’s teachings.Read More

Diana Hall is the 2016 Living Treasure

We are MOST pleased to announce that Diana Hall has been named as the Living Treasure for 2016 and will be honored at the Satir Global Annual Meeting, which will be held Friday evening at the special conference honoring Virginia’s 100th birthday, Becoming More Fully Human: The Evolution.

Diana’s history of connection with Virginia is amazing.  In 1984, she was working as a Special Education teacher and saw a flier announcing that Virginia was doing a one-day training, so she decided to attend.  In her words, here’s what happened:  “I sat in the front row figuring it would be less likely that I would fall asleep, however, not only did I not even yawn, but at the break I spent the entire time buying all of her books.  That day was magical for me!”
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Honoring The Hong Kong Satir Centre for Human Development


Standing from left to right: Chi Man NG (publication and research director), John HUNG (treasurer), Andrew LIU (membership director), Caesar CHAN (president), Jennifer CHOW, (program director) Sitting from left to right: Leona YAN (secretary), Christine WONG (counseling director)

We want to honor the Hong Kong Satir Centre for Human Development for their service since 1989.  Since that time, they have been offering services to support, connect and empower individuals and families, as well as training professionals.

The HKSC has also made significant contributions to promoting and developing the Satir Model by holding the highly successful Satir World Conference in 2010 and by their ongoing generous financial support of the Satir Global Network.


Thank you, Beijing Qi Jia Sheng Ye, Satir (China) Learning and Development Center


We are deeply appreciative of the Qi Jia Sheng Ye Center in Mainland China for their amazing support of the 100,000 Heart Connections Campaign. Featured in the photo are the director, Miranda Wei Min (With Scarf) and their campaign liaison, Juliet Shi. They created the beautiful poster that you see as a way of promoting the campaign and are distributing it to Satir agencies throughout China. They will also be collecting videos of appreciation and donations to send for the Campaign.
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Enriching eBook

Sharon Loeschen’s Enriching Your Relationship with Yourself and Others is now an ebook and available on the iTunes store. It’s easy to access: Click the Books tab on the iTunes Store and do a search for “Loeschen.”


Satir Institute of the Yukon Upcoming Events

Foundations of the Virginia Satir Model for Professionals:
Level One and Level Two

Level One: September 29, 30 and October 1, 2016 9:00 a.m. -5:00 p.m.

Level Two: February 23, 24, 25, 2017


Virginia Satir Study Group:

Purpose: to commit 3 hours, once a week for 6 weeks during September and October 2016 to studying DVDs of Virginia Satir working with a family, and to explore the impact on ourselves and our work.


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Satir Institute of the Pacific Training

This institute Offers ongoing Satir training programs.

The following workshop is one of many programs offered by SIP

To find  about upcoming programs use the link below.


10 Day Summer Residential Training Program

Program includes: Accommodation, meals and tuition for only $2350

Early Bird Rates Available — Commuter stay also available (Residential highly recommended)


The Transformational Systemic Therapy (TST) Level I training program is for practicing counselors and therapists and for other helping professionals who are presently working with clients. The focus of the program will be using Transformational Systemic Therapy to bring about transformational change. The approach will be applicable to working with individuals, couples and families.

The course leaders will utilize lecturettes, small group discussions, structured exercises, demonstrations, experiential learning and skill practice sessions as part of the program. Read More

Third annual Summer Intensive Training UNC Chapel Hill

The UNC Satir program, part of the UNC School of Social Work, is excited to announce that several new training opportunities for practitioners, students, and other professionals will be offered in Chapel Hill, NC in 2017. Our third annual Summer Intensive Training will be held during the week of July 17 – 22, 2017 at Extraordinary Ventures in Chapel Hill, and will once again be led by facilitators Jean McLendon, LCSW, LMFT and Hugh Gratz, MSW, LCSW.

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Say it Straight has ongoing programs and will work to meet training needs in your area. For more information and to register for the workshops below go the following link:  Welcome to Say it Straight Training

The Say It Straight Foundation is happy to announce that we will be conducting two 3-day Say It Straight Training of Trainers Workshops:

 July, 6-8 in Washington DC

July, 11-13 in Baldwin, MI

July, 25-27 in Tucson AZ

We hope you will be able to attend or send someone.

We also can bring a Training of Trainers Workshop to your area if you have 6 people.

For more information Welcome to Say it Straight Training

Listed in SAMHSA’s National Registry of Evidence-Based Programs and Practices 



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