Short Lessons related to the work of Virginia Satir

Welcome to The Virginia Satir Global Networks weekly  informational  gathering featuring members of the Virginia Satir Network as well as videos of Satir.  The recent world events have demonstrated a need to connect and support, a role that fits for us as an organization. Recently we have been focused on the COVID-19 and offering information from a Satir perspective that people may find useful. Then George Floyd was Killed and the United State shifted.  People began to question the status quo. We believe that the movement of “Black Lives Matter” is something we want to support.


Join the ANTI-RACISM TRAINING facilitated by four wonderful Satir trainers, Lutricia Callair, Jean McLendon, Leon Spencer and Hugh Gratz. This will be a 5-week course, starting October 2. The sessions will be online for two hours from 1pm-3pm Eastern Time in the US. To apply contact Kim at  Fee for applying is $15 and fee for the course is $250.  Some scholarships may be available.

The comments made by the presenters are their own and not the property of the Virginia Satir Global Network

Included in many of our weekly events  poems and meditations are shared.If you would like to see the poems that have been offered just follow this Poems and Meditations.

We will start with three videos of Virginia which offer a view into the underpinnings of her work.  The videos that follow the first three  videos are presented by a variety of people including friends that worked with her and studied with her and by people who have never met Satir but are drawn to and inspired her ideas and work.   “Peace, Within, Between and Among”.


The first video is from 1987 and is called the Seed Model.

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The Process of Change

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Communication Stances

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Guest presenters

Eileen Strider.

Eileen was our first guest but did not record the event, which was a mistake but we do learn and we did get the PDF that was used about the Process of Change. It was a great presentation.

Eileen Strider started her Satir training in 1989 with Jean McLendon and completed almost every training Jean offered over the years.  She also assisted and co-trained with Jean. She is a certified Enriching trainer. With a degree in mathematics, her professional career was in information technology both as a technologist and as a manager/executive in the aerospace and insurance industries. It was during this time that she realized that the biggest issues were not technology problems but people, communication and relationship ones. She incorporated her Satir knowledge and skills into her technology leadership. She and her husband and fellow Satir practitioner Wayne Strider founded the Strider & Cline consulting company in 1990 which combined their IT and Satir skills. They specialized in rescuing large software project in higher education institutions as well as clients in biotechnology, medical, manufacturing, insurance, retail, gaming, government and non-profit organizations. She is serving her second term as Treasurer of the Virginia Satir Global Network and her first term on the IHLRN Board of Directors. She led the GoFundMe campaign honoring Virginia’s 100th birthday, the development of the Satir Global website as well as the IHLRN website. She is also administrator of the Satir Global LinkedIn group. Her article “Re-Sculpting an Organization: A Different Kind of Family” was published in the Satir Journal of Counselling and Family Therapy, Vol. I, 2013. She was given a Satir Global Living Treasure Award in 2009. Eileen Strider

Satir Change Model

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Jean McLendon

Jean McLendon our Second guest is a Licensed Certified Social Worker and licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who studied with Virginia for nearly 20 years and has 50 years of professional experience. The focus of her presentation is PRACTICING PEACE: Within, Between and Among, She has conceptualized what she believes are the 7 tasks associated with developing competence with making peace. Jean will present her ideas and then we will use small groups for discussion, practice and enrichment. Jean McLendon


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Peace Within, Among, Between and Among


Howard Kahn, PhD

Our next guest is Howard Kahn Ph.D. who shares a bit of history about his relationship with Virginia Satir and the founding International Human Learning Resource Network as well as The Virginia Satir Global Network. He then does a wonderful exercise about connections. “This year is my 50th year of private practice of psychotherapy in New Haven, Connecticut . I am Assistant Clinical Professor at Yale University , where I teach a graduate seminar every year in Family Therapy and Cultural Diversity at the Child Study Center in the Yale University Medical School.  At the Child Study Center, I supervise psychotherapy for Psychiatry Residents, Psychology Post Graduate Fellows, and Social Work Fellows. I have also lectured and led workshops in Family Therapy and Gestalt Therapy for mental health professionals in the United States and Europe.

Virginia Satir has always been an inspiration for my work, as well as a dear, close friend for many years. I have regularly attended IHLRN since 1979. Since then, at IHLRN, I’ve had a yearly joyful experience presenting and sharing my thoughts, my feelings, and my work with families, couples, individuals and groups.”


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Sandy Novak

Sandy Novak, MS, MA, SEP, LPC, has over forty years of experience as a teacher as well as thirty years of learning and teaching the Satir Model.  She was a senior adjunct faculty member of Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado.

Sandy has been in private practice for 30 years, specializing in the treatment of individuals, couples and families.  Sandy is a founding faculty member of the Satir Global Network and a former governing board member and officer.  She was given their highest honor, The Living Treasure Award for Lifetime Contribution to the Satir Model in 2009.  She founded the Satir Institute of the Rockies, a Satir therapist training institute in Boulder, Colorado.  She published several articles in the Satir Journal (, and she is a contributor to the book, In Her Own Words, Virginia Satir, 1963-1983.

Currently Sandy is on the faculty of BSCMC, the Banmen Satir China Management Centre, training counselors in China in the Satir Model. She is also training social work professors to be Satir therapists and Satir trainers through CASWE, the China Association for Social Work Education. Sandy Novak 

Sandy is married and lives in Boulder, CO, USA.  She has two biological children, a son and a daughter, and two stepsons as well as five grandchildren.

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SGN Covid 15 min presentation Wed Zoom 2020

Dr Maria Gomori

This week we are delighted to have as a guest presenter Maria Gomori, Master Trainer, author and consultant to an array of clients.  She studied with Virginia Satir for 20 plus years and has shared Satir’s teachings with unwavering passion for over 50 years.  Her highly trained students live and teach the Satir Model in Taiwan, Main Land China, Canada, USA, Hong Kong, France and Germany.  Her presentation will be an interview by two close friends Carol Holcomb Attorney and Jean McLendon, Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Both studied with Satir.  The focus of the interview will be on the most profound teachings Maria received from Virginia about living and now at leaving. We are happy to soon be celebrating her 100th birthday.

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Brian Colbert

A Licensed Master Trainer of NLP, a qualified Social Psychologist, Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist, a Satir Coaching and Mentoring Specialist Trainer and best-selling author. As well as delivering his public trainings across Europe, Brian has also produced substantial results for the business sector, companies such as Google, Salesforce, O2, Santander and UniCredit.Brian has released two best-selling books – “The Happiness Habit” and “From Ordinary to Extraordinary”, both of which have been translated into a number of different languages worldwide.

His hypnotic app ‘Digipill’ has more than 2 million downloads worldwide, winning many awards and topping Apple’s Health & Fitness Chart in several countries across the world.

Brian’s topic is Developing Resilient States of Consciousness in times of challenge and uncertainty

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Michele Baldwin, Ph.D, MSW and Bud (Dewitt) Baldwin, Md.

Today’s presentation features Michele Baldwin, Ph.D, MSW and Bud (Dewitt) Baldwin, Md. Michele wrote Step By Step with Virginia and edited the book The Use of Self. Bud has had a career as a Paediatrician, Psychiatrist, Professor, Researcher and has over 300 publications. He is currently a scholar in residence at the American Medical Association. They met Virginia in 1969 and were close friends with her until her death in 1988. They will be interviewed by Jean McLendon, LCSW, LMFT. Who is eager for everyone to know them and to know Virginia better by way of their very special relationship with her.  Topic: One couple’s long standing relationship with Virginia and what they learned about her and themselves

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Géric Lebedoff

Géric is a neurotherapist, certified  Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP),Dialectical Behavior Therapy Professional (DRT NICAA) , Child and Adolescent Trauma Professional (CATP), Clinical Trauma Professional  (CATP)  He is also certified in Ericksonian hypnosis” (Xtrëma) Neurofeedback (Neuroptimal ® Advanced Brain Training System),

 EMDR ( Center London / Ausbildungszentrum München) , SSP (Sound and Safe Protocol ®),

Brainspotting ®,and became a  Satir Coaching and Mentoring Trainer last year under Sharon’s mentoring. He translated the “Satir Process” by Sharon Loeschen in French and wrote various articles including one on Satir published in Somatic Psychotherapy Today.

He has a private practice in Paris and Montpellier  in France. Before becoming a therapist he was General Counsel of a multinational company in Paris.  Géric Lebedoff

Topic: The principle of uncertainty – looking into the next status quo

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Tim Sitt Interviews Sharon Loeschen

Tim Sitt is a social worker in private practice in Toronto Canada. He has been studying the work of Virginia Satir since his university studies and has experienced shifts in his personal and professional life because of Satir. He has been co-hosting the self-connection podcast with Sharon Loeschen. 

Topic of the presentation: A dialog regarding the legacy and future of Virginia’s teachings.



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Sandra Finkelman

Topic: With whom am I having the pleasure?

Sandra has an MA in counselling psychology and is a Registered Psychotherapist practicing in Toronto. She has 40 years of experience working with individuals, couples and groups. Her particular area of expertise is in developing experiential workshops geared to enhancing self and interpersonal awareness. Sandra trained with Virginia in the 80s and since that time has been sharing Satir teachings through workshops, personal growth groups for women, and professional training programs. Most recently she created a Safe and Effective Use of Self training for helping professionals  based on experiential exercises developed by Satir.

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Tim Sitt

 “Towards congruence: integrating the hierarchical model and seed model

Tim Sitt works as a social worker in private practice working with individuals, couples, and families. He has been studying Virginia Satir’s work for 13 years. He’s read every book and seen every tape he could get his hands on and has the chance to train with several of Virginia’s students and colleagues. Virginia’s work is the foundation for his approach with people in all his roles.  His work revolves around two major themes that impact health and well-being: Self-connection and the Freedom of Movement. He does business consulting work through his company ThinkMOVE which aims to help address health and wellness in the workplace through a moving mindset. He is the author of the book “Move or Die”: How the Sedentary Life is Killing Us and How Movement, not Exercise, Can Save Us”  He is currently working on two related books that are inspired and informed by Virginia Satir’s work, The Path of Self-Connection , which is about creating a connection to our deeper core Self, and Love Skills, which is about manifesting that beauty within us. He is exploring the idea that we are all born with the yearning for love, but we need to learn how.   He is a co-host on the podcast,  called “The Self-Connection Podcast”  with Sharon Loeschen , the president of Satir Global, which is available on itunes and the website:

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Grace Yung and Barbara Jo Brothers

Grace Yung, Before becoming a full time family therapist, Grace was a teacher, lecturer and school principal, and was honoured with the Hong Kong Outstanding Educators’ Award in 1992.

She established the Green Pastures Whole Person Development Centre in 2002 to provide educational and psychological services to professionals and lay persons who come into contact with the Centre. She is still the chief executive and chief clinical supervisor there. Grace encountered Virginia’s teaching in Sept 1988, and since then she has been using the Satir Growth Model as her practicing orientation. Her PhD study not only gave her opportunities to interview or talked to more than 30 first generation students of Virginia, brought her deeper and broader understanding of Virginia’s philosophy and her Growth Model, but also made her the first scholar in the world to study Virginia’s clinical supervision and was granted the ‘Living Treasure’ award by the Satir Global Network in 2009

Barbara Jo Brothers a licensed clinical social worker, certified group psychotherapist, was an editor of the Newsletter of the American Academy of Psychotherapists (1979-1989), an associate editor of Voices: The Art and Science of Psychotherapy (1979-1989) and an editor of the Journal of Couple Therapy (1989-2001). She authored the biographical chapter in the book called Virginia Satir: Her Life and Circle of Influence. Barbara Jo was granted ‘The Outstanding Service Award’ by the Satir Global Network in 2017, for her unique and significant contribution through her extensive training programs, writings, publications and her extension of Virginia’s teachings internationally’.

Barbara Jo has over fifty years of experience in the field of mental health and has been described as an expert writer of Virginia’s personal growth model in the field of social work and psychotherapy. Barbara Jo Brothers

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Regina Ragan Taggart

This presentation focuses on “The Wisdom Box, A tool for Self Esteem

Creating Self-Esteem & Building Resiliency: Courage, Wisdom, Heart, Hope, Possibility, Boundaries, Problem Solving

“I am a licensed clinical social worker who utilizes the Satir Growth Model in facilitating psychotherapy sessions. This experiential model assumes that people are motivated towards growth, connection and esteem.  The core of psychotherapy for me is summarized by Virginia Satir’s words “feelings of worth can flourish only in an atmosphere where individual differences are appreciated, mistakes are tolerated, communication is open and rules are flexible.” Beginning therapy often feels vulnerable.  I will work with you to develop safety, trust and connection.  Some tools I use include family maps and self-esteem resource cards. In addition, we may create pictures to externalize feelings, thoughts, behaviors and yearnings.”  Regina Regan Taggart

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Lutricia (“Pat”) Callair | M.Ed, MSW, LCSW

Founder and CEO Center for Healing and Wellness, PC was founded by Lutricia Callair in 2000, when she began to expand her vast experience of working with individuals and famolies in emotional distress.The Center for Healing and Wellness (CHW) is an accredited integrative outpatient community mental and behavioral health practice. We address the body, mind, and spirit in managing and healing mental, emotional and behavioral problems. We are an interdisciplinary team and we employ a variety of disciplines and methods to help our patrons.We are dedicated fully credentialed clinical social workers, licensed counselors,nurse practitioners,medical doctors art therapists and body workers. We have among us more than eight (8) decades of experience in healing and wellness

“Jean McLendon, LCSW, LMFT and AAMFT approved supervisor

“Jean maintains an active multi-service private practice in Chapel Hill, N.C. Mentored nearly 20 years by the late Virginia Satir, renowned educator-author and family systems therapist, Jean is known as one of the world’s foremost practitioners of Satir’s methods. When Satir became ill, she requested Jean direct her International Colorado Summer Module I Process Community Institute. Of Jean’s work, Satir once wrote: “Jean has that rare capacity to be able to sit in the airport control tower and, at the same time, be aware of all the planes in her vision and be able to help them find out about themselves and their relationship to each other.  Jean travels widely applying the Satir Growth Model to a variety of contexts, situations, countries and cultures.”

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A Conversation about Racism With Lutricia (“Pat”) Callair, Myriam Loeschen and Maggie Gitu-Nair

A Conversation about Racism

 A presentation about the “Mandala” and current events presented by Stephen Buckbee

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If you are looking for the Slides click here. The file is large so it may take a few minutes to load. MANDALA chaos 


Laura Dodson Presents “Transformational Change In Human System

(The recording was delayed during the opening.)

Lura Slides for the presentation

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Unique and Different 


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Bonie Lee, PhD

Using the Congruence Couple Therapy Frame for Exploring the Spiritual Dimension

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