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Welcome to the Satir Global Network

Today the network of people learning,practicing and fostering an understanding of a universal human experience is expanding. Regardless of skill or vocation we continually become more aware of our behaviors and how they are different than who we are inside. We – you and me and others we have yet to meet – all have hopes and wishes, deepest fears,and inner resources that we may not remember to use or realize we have. We invite you to discover the practical, yet extraordinary process model that Virginia Satir developed. With it many have learned to grow by making new choices in how to work and live.

Perhaps you know that the Virginia Satir Global Network consists not only of individuals, but also institutes and organizations. This network grew out of Avanta, Satir’s original network that centered around teaching therapists and social workers. Today our network includes business people, software technologists, religious leaders, community organizers and many others. Where there is a desire to improve your effectiveness, you will meet someone in this group of people who has something to offer you.

We all support furthering the creation of healthy and just relationships with self and others based on Virginia Satir’s teachings. You can find us from Asia to the Americas, from Europe to the NearEast and every day we hear from new people in new locations. Maybe you will become part of our network.

Please explore the site, learn about Satir conferences and events where you can meet new friends and experience the global feel of this world, connect with the Ning network, find people teaching and practicing in your neighborhood and tell us what else you would like to see.