This is a public offering of material related to the life and work of Virginia Satir.

In the very near future people who join the Virginia Satir Global Network will have free access to a series of videos taught by Satir as well as others teaching about how they have adapted her work.

We are honored to feature a speech given by Dr. John Banmen during the Satir world conference in Hong Kong. Dr. Banmen is one of the worlds leading Satir scholars.  He is the pioneer of the Satir Transformational Therapy.


Dr. John Banmen 2010 Hong Kong from Satir Global Network on Vimeo.

  Dr. John Banmen is member of the Satir Institute of the Pacificand the director of  

Banmen Satir China Management Center.


This video is part of a teaching video Satir called a Temperature Reading.

In the following interview Satir answers question about her models as they relate to the topic of

power and control.