Stories from our Muslim members: Osama Aljama

Stories from our Muslim members: Osama Aljama

This is a message from a Satir Global member, Osama Aljama.

Message to humanity:

When I first had children, I did not know how to deal with them in a mature way, probably because this is what learned from my childhood. I made a lot of mistakes. One day I was shouting at my son, he was 5 years old, the next day he could not talk very well, he was stuttering. I knew it was my fault, I decide to change. I went to Canada to attend a workshop in parenting. In the library I saw the golden book, “The New Peoplemaking” by Virginia Satir.

I remember the day when I read it, I could not stop my tears, as I cannot stop them now while writing this paragraph. Each page I turned was like it was talking about me, or talking to me. The word of Satir was so powerful, I could not stop reading, it touched not only my heart, but my Soul. From that time I changed, I became a psychologist in Saudi Arabia, my country. My child was cured, and I started teaching parents how to deal with their children.
I made an interview in TV on parenting skills, I produced audio material, and conducted workshops for parents, I receive parents in my clinic, I deliver parenting skills in twitter for more than forty thousand followers. But the happiest thing I ever did was translating Virginia Satir’s book into Arabic, for the Arabian nation to read it. It is a book full of wisdom, experience, warm emotions, and peace. Now my son has become older and he keeps saying to me “Dad, I am glad that you are my father, you are the best”.
Thank you, Virginia, for making this world a better place and for making us better people. God Bless your soul.

My ideas to promote peace:

  • International gathering, but in a country other than USA.
  • Projects for promoting human values, each person share his experience.
  • Cultural exchange, students, teachers, for people to visit others, and attending workshops in other countries.
  • Internet groups, each region for its own.

Osama Aljama
Saudi Arabia