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Renew Your Satir Global Membership

Invitation to Renew Membership

We are so excited! Satir Global is embracing technology and moving into the 21st century. We have created an online membership system with tons of benefits for you and the community. It continues to grow as resources are added by people all around the world. We would like you to be a part of that.

We want you to renew your membership, but this time we need you to sign up in our new online membership system.

Just start by filling in the form below.  Once you do that you will get a confirmation email with a link. Click on it and from there and you can sign in. Just choose your membership level and pay your membership dues. (If you are a professional, and want to market your services, please sign up for the professional level membership. We often get people contacting us for referrals to therapists and other professionals that use Satir’s materials, and we want to facilitate those connections.)

Once done, you will have access to the wealth of content regarding Satir and the Satir community.

All you have to do is fill out the form below to begin the process.  By doing so you will be supporting an organization that is working tirelessly to bring Virginia Satir’s message to the world.

Here are the three levels of membership. – Student, Supporter and Professional.

All memberships include:

  • A unique opportunity to connect with other Satir Global Members from around the world
  • A growing membership directory
  • Highly treasured historic videos
  • Unseen and new videos of Satir and others presenting her message
  • Valued educational materials
  • Current information on trainings around the world
  • Special opportunities for online education
  • Great bookstore and training discounts

Professional membership also includes:

  • An online profile created by you
  • A link to your website
  • A photograph of you, your business or your logo
  • A place where people interested in your services can find you.
  • A unique website badge that connects you to Satir Global’s website.

Here is quick word for Sharon Loeschen. The current president of Satir Global.

Join the Satir Global community today! Start by filling out the form below and getting the confirmation email. (We don’t like spam so this helps us to know that you are a real person and not a robot.)

To activate your account follow the link in the email and sign in using the email and password you created.

Once you sign in, you can pick the level of membership you want, pay the annual dues and become a member of the Satir Global community.

Watch this quick 3 minute video if you have any questions about the renewal process.

Start now by filling out the form below.

(Note: If you have already created an online membership you don’t need to do it again. Click here and just sign in with your email and password.)

(Also, if you have any problems whatsoever please contact Kim at office@satirglobal.org or call at (206) 241-7566.)

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