News Flash: Well-Being Writ Large by Barbara Jo Brothers

News Flash: Well-Being Writ Large by Barbara Jo Brothers


Well-Being Writ Large:
The Essential Work of Virginia Satir

by Barbara Jo Brothers

See what John Banmen had to say about this NEW book on the work of Virginia Satir:

What a treat. This book by Barbara Jo Brothers is a must read by everybody who has ever heard or studied with Virginia Satir. Here you will read what you already know and enjoy seeing it again as a special reminder. Or you will read things you never knew about Satir and her growth model of therapy and growth possibilities for becoming more fully human.

The book is well organized, direct and comprehensive, bringing Satir and her teaching alive personally and professionally in very meaningful and useful ways.

Not only do Virginia’s teachings become alive throughout the book, the author also skillfully quotes Virginia Satir’s own words from numerous unpublished sources to bring herself alive in the readers mind. It often feels like Virginia Satir is talking to me, the reader, directly. A great way of bringing the material into one’s personal reality.

I also recommend this excellent book for everybody who has never heard of Virginia Satir, one of the early founders of family therapy and one of the 10 most influential leaders of psychotherapy and family therapy in the world. Again, a must read.

The book is available from Beyond Words Publishing