News Flash: Trip to Crested Butte

News Flash: Trip to Crested Butte

Crested Butte

Jim Bitter, not included in the picture, wanted to return to Crested Butte, our ‘ole’ Satir stomping ground. He invited a few of the Process Community trainers to join him. Five of us made it. Due to a serious medical condition of his Mother-in-law, he and his wife Lynn were not able to make the trip. Judith Wagner, Karen Krestensen, Judy Bula-Wise, Hugh Gratz, and his spouse Roberta and Jean McLendon and her spouse Carol all gathered for a very special week.

The week was spent with all of us feeling blessed by the connections we have with each other that Virginia help make for us. We told stories of how our lives were and continue to be touched and shaped by our time with Virginia and the wisdom of her teachings.

Given that we were all in our 70’s and one of us in our 80’s, we shared what we each wish we might have done or been. There was a common theme with each of us wishing we had been more conscious and awake to the injustices in the families and cultures of our youth. We talked about the challenges we feel today to effect real change when we can so easily be discouraged by what we see happening, especially in the USA.

We ended the week visiting Virginia at her lovely memorial site, did some weeding, picked out pink quartz for ourselves and a few loved ones, hugged each other, thanked Virginia and agreed we should do a ‘repeat.’