News Flash:  Taiwan Transition Center

News Flash: Taiwan Transition Center

       Tzeng Jyhwen


Taiwan Transition Center was founded in 2012. It was registered in Taiwan. The mission is to publish and promote the application of the Satir Model for helping families become more harmonious and connected. Its major work is focused on producing and marketing DVDs with Chinese subtitles and was founded by Ms. Nancy Wang who died in 2017.

Since Ms. Wang’s passing in 2017, Mr.Tzeng Jyhwen has served as the organization’s President. Up to now, the Taiwan Transition Center has produced 20 DVD’s and are grateful to the Satir Global Network for providing the master recordings of the Family Series, also known as the Chico tapes, so that they could be transcribed into English, then translated into Chinese and given Chinese subtitles. They have also produced DVD’s from the Golden Triad series and others. Due to this work, Chinese people across Asia are able to learn Satir Model through DVDs.  Each DVD is packaged with Chinese transcripts for all levels of learning.