News Flash: Satir Video-Conference Meetings

News Flash: Satir Video-Conference Meetings

Video-Conference Meetings—Please JOIN US for our next meeting, Sunday, June 3 at 2 pm PDT.

Satir Global is now sponsoring video-conference gatherings of our members once a month to help our members feel more connected. We started with members in North America but our hope is to expand to other regions of the world as well. To give you a sense of the meeting, here is a summary of the meeting we just had.

The following members were present: Sandra Finkleman, Kinga Burjan, and Tim Sitts all from the Toronto, Canada area; Laura Dodson who spends her winters in Austin Texas and her summers in Minnesota; Reiss Powell from Chapel Hill, North Carolina; Eileen Strider from Kansas City, Missouri; Bob McGarey from Austin Texas; Sandy Novak from Boulder, Colorado; Steve Buckbee from Escanaba Michigan and Sharon Loeschen from Long Beach, California. Our desire to have people meet each other was met immediately upon introductions as Sandra, Kinga and Tim all live near Toronto and none of them knew each other. They now see possibilities of working together on projects.

New to the group were Tim Sitts from the Toronto area and Sandy Novak from Colorado. Tim shared that his interest in Satir started in graduate school and ever since has been reading everything he could get his hands on as well as studying with many Satir teachers. He is a therapist who also has an interest in writing and research. He said something that resonated with many and that is that delving into the teachings of Virginia Satir is like delving into the ocean, it is endless!

Sandy shared about her work in China where she teaches social work professors and she announced that there will be a major Satir Conference, May 8-12, 2019 in Xian, China. She is hoping that many from the West will be able to attend. We talked about how we could advertise it through the News Flash and Facebook. Sandy will be offering a pre-conference day workshop.

On the topic of networking and advertising, Eileen Strider, reminded people that we have a group through Linkedin with 60 people in it. She is going to write an article for the Satir Global News Flash to promote it.

Sandra Finkleman shared that she is hoping to get a training going for educators similar to the Satir based program she does for therapists called, The Use of Self. And Sandy Novak informed Sandra that they have done a lot of work in China with educators. There is even a school that is completely based on the Satir Model!

Laura Dodson shared that she is attempting to help get a Satir-based program going through the School of Social Work at Tablisi State University in the country of Georgia. She has discovered that the Satir curriculum that has been developed at the University of North Carolina can be a model so she doesn’t have to re-invent the wheel.

Reiss Powell announced that Laura Dodson is doing his family reconstruction the weekend of May 18th. Through our meeting, he and Laura were delighted to actually see each other prior to the reconstruction!