News Flash: Satir International Journal Discontinued (Revised)

News Flash: Satir International Journal Discontinued (Revised)

Satir International Journal Discontinued (Revised)

Sadly, the Satir International Journal will be discontinued at this time. After a thorough search for a new editor for the Satir International Journal, we were unable to find someone for whom the editor position was a good fit.

The Satir International Journal’s first edition was published in 2013. Jesse Carlock worked with Steve Bentheim in the creation and publication of the journal. Upon Steve’s death, Jesse became the editor and produced the journal for the past 5 years.

Upon Jesse’s decision to retire in late 2017, we began the search for a new editor. A number of candidates were identified, interviewed and considered. Several of the candidates were interested in helping with the journal, although they were not fully prepared to become the editor. We were unable to identify a person who could take on the Editor duties.

Over the years, several organizations and many individuals have supported the journal in various ways such as writing articles, editing, translating, publishing the e-journal and providing support. First of all, we thank those who have served on the Board, John Banmen, Kathleen Glaus, Barbara Burns, Yin Pingjun, to Michael Callaghan who though not officially on the board, served as a key advisor, to Stephen Buckbee who promoted the journal on social media, and to our talented reviewers, Karen Kristensen, Mary Leslie, Sharon Loeschen, Michael Dupont, Barbara Burns, and most especially Kathleen Glaus, whose editorial expertise we could not have survived without.

We also appreciate The University of Victoria, The Virginia Satir Global Network and the Satir Institute of the Pacific who worked together with the Satir International Journal to promote research, development, teaching and practice of the Satir Model in both the academic and practitioner community worldwide. We also want to acknowledge the ongoing personal and professional support given to Jesse by John Banmen over the entire course of the history of the Satir Journal in all of its forms over the 12 years of its existence.

To each individual who supported the journal and Jesse, we express our appreciation for their volunteered time, contributions and support. We also appreciate the University of Victoria, and especially Inba Kehoe, for publishing the journal in electronic format in their library of journals as well as the Department of Educational Psychology and Leadership Studies, for continuing to sponsor the journal, and to Honore France, who worked with Jesse to continue the journal following Steve Bentheim’s death. Most of all, we appreciate Jesse for her dedication to furthering Virginia’s model, her ability to find authors willing to write for the journal, her editing & publishing skills, and the many, many hours and years she volunteered her time, energy and enthusiasm to produce the journal.

We are forever grateful for the great gift of the Satir International Journal to furthering the Satir Model globally. Here’s to “New Beginnings,” whatever they may be.

Peace and Blessings,
Eileen Strider, Chair, Editor Search Committee