News Flash: Satir Institute of Nairobi, Kenya

News Flash: Satir Institute of Nairobi, Kenya


This photo was sent to us by our new affiliate, Satir Institute of Nairobi, Kenya. We are delighted to be affiliated with them and grateful to Jennifer Nagel and Linda Lucas from the Satir Institute of the Pacific working with Amos Alumada from Nairobi to make this happen. They are the first Satir institute to be established in Africa!

Amos, the leader of the institute, sent us this beautiful testimony from Dorothy Booker about the impact of the training she received through the institute.

My involvement with the Satir Model developed when the welfare management team at James Finlays Limited realized that many couples were having challenges in their marriages. Consequently, we planned to train our welfare staff in couples’ therapy in order to better equip them with skills to deal with issues affecting couples. I decided to attend the (Satir Institute of Nairobi) training at the Pan Africa Christian University in Nairobi with my husband.

Personally, the training turned out to be more of a self-discovery journey for me. The model opened up a totally new dimension of thinking in my mind. For the first time I realized that even thought I was working with others trying to help solve relationship and marital problems, deep within myself there were things that I needed to work on in order to be congruent and effective. This self-discovery came from reflections on my personal iceberg experience. Gradually going through my feelings, thoughts, perceptions, looking at my expectations of others, their expectations of me, my expectations of myself, my yearnings, and knowing who I am helped me to understand myself better. This has formed a solid foundation which provides me with guidance whenever I need to make important decisions.

I have since learned the use of self in helping others solve their problems. I invite my clients to understand that positively directional goals must start within them by allowing themselves to change and not seeking to change the other partner or person.

I now feel better equipped and empowered.