News Flash: Satir Fundamentals online course

News Flash: Satir Fundamentals online course


If you are a student of Satir, this is an opportunity to study her work at your own pace. This online course was developed for the Virginia Satir Global Network by Sharon Loeschen and Stephen Buckbee with the hope that people can see this gifted teacher work.

The course begins with Satir’s concept of the different ways of viewing the world, proposing that the world has historically operated from a “Threat and Reward Model” of dominance and conformity and needs to move to a “Seed/Growth Model” where people are viewed as equal in value and celebrated for their uniqueness.

After which, you will learn about Satir’s understanding of the universality of being human; the influence of the family of origin on relationships; the systemic process of the family; the importance of helping people access their inner resources and their self-worth.

The course ends with a focus on the universal process of change and the role of the therapist.
This course has been approved by the National Board of Certified Counselors for six (6) Continuing Education Credit Hours and a Certificate of Completion.