News Flash: Resources for Coping with Pandemic

News Flash: Resources for Coping with Pandemic

Resources for Coping with the Stress

of the Pandemic We are Experiencing


Online Support Group Every Wednesday at 8am Pacific Daylight Time

This week we offered a free Zoom meeting for our community and it was well received and so it will be on-going for as long as there is a need. If you did not receive an invitation this week and you want one, contact Kim at and she will add you to the list.
This is an organic process so we will develop the structure as we go but in general it will include a centering, check-in, brief teaching and processing of the teaching. For the first meeting Eileen Strider gave a beautiful description of the Change Process. If you want a copy, contact the

Free Hypnosis Audiotapes by Brian Colbert from the Republic of Ireland.

Brian has produced 4 powerful audiotapes with guided hypnotic experiences designed to help reduce anxiety, improve sleep, focus the mind and boost the immune system! He invites you to share them with anyone and everyone that you feel may benefit.

Brian says that whatever your take on hypnosis, at the very least it helps people to relax and that takes the pressure off a potentially compromised immune system which can only be good. The link to the audiotapes is:


Telehealth Video Services for Therapists in the US from Ann Steiner

Ann has been researching telehealth services for conducting online therapy sessions in the US and decided on for herself but says she has other colleagues who are using or VSee. She has also written a “Consent for Telehealth” template that she is willing to share. If you wish a copy, contact the office at and we will send one out to you.