News Flash: Magic in the Muck: Finding Grace in Chaos

News Flash: Magic in the Muck: Finding Grace in Chaos

A wonderful new book, Magic in the Muck: Finding Grace in Chaos, written by the Director of Training of the Satir Institute of the Pacific, Jennifer Nagel, is being launched on Amazon this Thursday, April 26TH with a special “launch day” discount. Here is a link for the event:

The book captures key concepts for living a healthy emotional life and engages the reader in understanding and applying these concepts to their own life. The author, Jennifer Nagel, is a seasoned psychotherapist who explains the concepts by using metaphors and by sharing deeply moving personal examples. There are times when you feel as though you are reading a novel, it is so engaging.

Incorporated into the book, are many of the universal concepts taught by the world famous therapist, Virginia Satir. However, the author has done so by using her own language and wisdom.

As an example, the author creates new language for teaching the importance of “becoming aware” or by inviting the reader to be present and “show up” to their life, embracing the fullness of their experience whether that is their joys or their sorrows.

The author then guides the reader on the various ways that one can “show up” to oneself, such as: acknowledging one’s emotions; identifying any judgments about those emotions and releasing the judgment; questioning perceptions and expectations that may no longer be helpful and identifying underlying yearnings.

In addition to helping people know how they can “show up” to embrace their life more fully, the author breaks new ground with her proposal that there is a “Universal Container” that holds space for every one of us on this planet and holds us with love and acceptance. Other theorists have referred to this energy space as the “Life Force” or “Spirit” but by naming it, the “Great Container”, the author expands our understanding of this energy. She likens it to a set of Russian dolls whereby the life energy becomes a container at all the various levels of humanity from the individual to all in the universe. And, finally, she describes it as going beyond the universe and connecting us with the Divine.

As a seasoned therapist myself, I have understood the importance of creating a “container”, where the client(s) could be safe to grow and heal, but with the author’s describing “life energy” as a container, we are offered a new way of understanding how it is “holding” us with love and acceptance at all the levels of our human existence.

Sharon Loeschen