News Flash:  “Launch Your Satir Program”

News Flash: “Launch Your Satir Program”

“Launch Your Satir Program”

Online Workshop to Develop Your Own Unique Program
Use your favorite parts of Satir’s principles!
In talking about my program aspirations, a friend of mine told me that entrepreneurship is a Spiritual journey. When he said it, I immediately knew it was a difficult journey to take. Having taken that journey before, I knew I didn’t want to take it alone. So, I created this

“Launch Satir 2020 Program” in hopes that you could walk alongside me during this journey and create your life’s work.

“Launch Satir 2020” is a structured, customized & comprehensive program that will give you a clear format, and timeline to start and finish the project of completing your program goals. Starting in September, we will complete the following components of a Business Plan.

The Program Overview:
• Program Description
• Mission Statement
• Vision statement
• Description of Management Organization
• Sales & Marketing Plan
• Legal entity
• Business Funding
• Strategic Plan
The Purpose of this Workshop:
• To move forward with our great ideals and manifest them into reality.
• Share and review program information from other likeminded professionals.
• Get business information pertaining to launching your program.
• Get an outline for each component to give you clear instructions and a format to follow.
• Get support and encouragement to overcome your fears and obstacles.
• Complete all the paperwork to gain clarity of your vision.
• Launch your program to complete your life’s mission.
• Hold each other accountable to stay on task and focused to the end.
• Increase your network of professionals.
• Increase your clientele

This Online workshop will start on September 16, 2019 and we will meet every other week until this project is completed. Then we can begin to Launch our programs in different parts of the world. Give me a call to sign up now. Kim Person (310) 966-0092. Let’s move beyond talking and start taking action because 2020 is near. I look forward to hearing from you.