News Flash: Jesse Carlock awarded Living Treasure award 2018

News Flash: Jesse Carlock awarded Living Treasure award 2018

 Jesse Carlock has been awarded our Living Treasure Award for 2018.

Jesse has given so much to the Satir community and the world over many years through her use and support of Virginia Satir’s work. She met Virginia in 1978 and attended one of Virginia’s month long trainings in 1981 in Utah at which time she became a member of Avanta. She served as an Avanta board member from 2001 through 2004.

At Virginia’s request, she facilitated a public workshop with Pat Hagerty and Tom Verdon. She also sponsored Jane Gerber and Bunny Duhl workshops.

Jesse has published many articles and papers as well as a book titled “Enhancing Self Esteem” for which Virginia wrote the Forward. Her book is still available on She supported Dr. Steve Bentheim in publishing the Satir Family Therapy and Counselling Journal which became the Satir International Journal in 2014. Upon Steve’s death, she served as the Editor until 2018.

Jesse gave us a very significant contribution to Virginia’s legacy when she traveled the US interviewing elders in the Satir community. Her video titled “Reflections: The Oral History of Virginia Satir” was shown at the 2006 Avanta Annual Meeting and was warmly received.

Jesse founded and operates Carlock & Associates, a private psychotherapy practice in Dayton, Ohio offering psychotherapy, training, education, coaching and consultation for individuals, groups, couples, families and organizations.

Congratulations to Jesse with appreciation for her many years of service in support of Virginia’s work.