News Flash: IHLRN Conference in Victoria

News Flash: IHLRN Conference in Victoria

Three Great Opportunities in One Package

This fall, October 14-21st, you will have the opportunity to enjoy exploring the beautiful port city of Victoria on Vancouver Island while also attending the IHLRN Conference where you will spend a week connecting with others in our Satir community. It is a unique and wonderful experience you won’t want to miss. Not only will you be able to enjoy the community but you will have a chance to gain new information as many different workshops will be offered.

Traditionally, the workshops are stand-alone events, however, this year there will be an exciting new opportunity to earn credit toward a certification in Satir Coaching and Mentoring by taking workshops on the same subject for three days in a row. This is a new certification through the Virginia Satir Global Network that has been developed by Sharon Loeschen, LCSW, and is being offered for professionals and non-professionals so that Satir’s teachings can reach more people.

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