News Flash: “Hokusaki Says”

News Flash: “Hokusaki Says”

At our weekly Wednesday Satir Community (8am PDT) gathering via Zoom we begin with a poem and this week Geric Lebehoff from Paris read us the poem “Hokusaki Says”. Many people asked for a copy so we are publishing it here for you. Hokusaki (1760-1849) was an artist in Japan and best known as the author of the Mount Fuji woodblock print series.

As the Zoom meetings have continued, we have developed a structure: We begin with centering through a poem and a guided meditation, then someone presents on a topic, we break out into groups of 4 and process it and then return for sharing in the group as a whole. We had 60 people last week from many countries and are thrilled to have found a new way to connect. We have found that scheduling the meeting for an hour and a half works well.

If you would like to join us, please let Kim at know and she will include you in the invitation list which includes a link to the meeting.


Hokusai Says– by Roger Keyes

Hokusai says Look carefully.
He says pay attention, notice.
He says keep looking, stay curious.
He says there is no end to seeing.
He says Look Forward to getting old.
He says keep changing, you just get more who you really are.
He says get stuck, accept it, repeat yourself as long as it’s interesting.
He says keep doing what you love.
He says keep praying.
He says every one of us is a child, every one of us is ancient, every one of us has a body.
He says every one of us is frightened.
He says every one of us has to find a way to live with fear.
He says everything is alive –shells, buildings, people, fish, mountains, trees.
Wood is alive.
Water is alive.
Everything has its own life.
Everything lives inside us.
He says live with the world inside you.
He says it doesn’t matter if you draw, or write books.
It doesn’t matter if you saw wood, or catch fish.
It doesn’t matter if you sit at home and stare at the ants on your veranda
or the shadows of the trees and grasses in your garden.
It matters that you care.
It matters that you feel.
It matters that you notice.
It matters that life lives through you.
Contentment is life living through you.
Joy is life living through you.
Satisfaction and strength is life living through you.
Peace is life living through you.
He says don’t be afraid.
Don’t be afraid.
Look, feel, let life take you by the hand.
Let life live through you.