News Flash: Family Reconstruction Workshop, Presented by Laura Dodson, Ph.D.

News Flash: Family Reconstruction Workshop, Presented by Laura Dodson, Ph.D.

Family Reconstruction Workshop
Presented by
Laura Dodson, Ph.D.

At the Sunriver Resort, in Sunriver, Oregon (in the same meeting place as the IHLRN Conference); Laura Dodson will present a workshop leading family reconstruction immediately after the IHLRN Conference. The workshop will begin at begin 10:30 am on Sunday, October 15, and end at 9 pm, to resume on Monday, October 16, at 10:30 am, concluding at 9 pm. Andy’s family maps are being prepared by Andy, using a computer program that Steven Young and Josh Forman have developed. There will be a time for questions and exploration of how to do Family Reconstruction during the workshop.
During the IHLRN Conference, Laura will lead a workshop on family reconstruction concerning the basics of Family Reconstruction as envisioned by Virginia Satir (including experiential work for participants). On Thursday, the IHLRN conference day off, Laura will be meeting with Andy and Josh to prepare for the reconstruction process. Anyone intending to attend the reconstruction on Sunday/Monday who wants to learn how to prepare for a Family Reconstruction may come to that meeting as well (starting at 10:30am until whenever we’re done). The workshop fee includes this prep day.

Family Reconstruction is a role-play method of exploring one’s ancestry, even several generations back, in the context of historical events of the time period. The “star” of the reconstruction has the opportunity to meet, in role play, his or her ancestors, parents, siblings, at any age relevant to the star’s exploration of family history impact on the star’s life. Participants may, if they choose, play the role of family members, and the star may at times reverse roles to be the relative. The star explores the impact of family rules, family secrets, unprocessed emotions, etc. on the psyche of the star today. The star will, as well, experience strengths of the family system that can be furthered in his life today.
The process is a dynamic experience for everyone present whether or not you play a role. This reconstruction will be especially dynamic as we help Andy explore his own life in relation to that of his ancestors in occupied Latvia, where he was in the womb at the time of invasion by Russians, when his parents fled to escape imprisonment or death.
The Learning Objectives:

1. Participants will learn preparation skills for doing a family reconstruction.
2. Participants will gain skill in citing the emotional laden material during the reconstruction and how to aid the star in unveiling the emotional content to gain more depth of integration of this material into his/her own psyche.
3. Participants will increase their skill in role playing.
4. Participants will deepen their understanding of general family complexes and unconscious agreed upon behaviors that contribute to blocks in personal development.
5. Participants will gain insight into the art of “leading by following half a step behind” the client.
6. Participants will learn a variety of techniques for following the client or star to the poignant places of learning about the impact of family history and world events upon his/her psyche today.
7. Respect for the knowledge of Virginia Satir’s concept that everyone is doing the best they can at any moment in time, will become evident in the process of the reconstruction.
8. Participants will deepen their understanding of Virginia Satir’s practice and theory of family dynamics.

Laura Dodson studied with Virginia Satir from the time she was 23 years of age. She holds an MSW, PhD and is a Jungian Analyst. She co-worked with Virginia in former Soviet Union in 1988. Laura is the author of Family Therapy, a Systems Approach, which has a glowing forward by Virginia Satir. She also has published several articles, edited three books on Satir work, and one on Satir and Jung. Laura is currently working on a book with Maureen Graves entitled, The Practical, Spiritual Psychology of Virginia Satir. She continues to train professors in Thailand in Satir/Jung methods.
Joshua Forman, while not a presenter, will have an active role assisting Laura in making charts. He has studied the work of Virginia Satir extensively for the past 17 years with Steven Young, including being on staff for over 40 workshops. He also assisted Laura in an IIC workshop in Thailand, and Steven in an IIC workshop in Tbilisi, Georgia. He holds Bachelors in Physics and a Masters in Organizational Leadership.
To register for the workshop, the fee is $150, at least half of which is payable upon registration. Workshop reservations and extended hotel arrangements can be made by calling M.A. Bjarkman at 317-850-5111 or sending her an e-mail at Please make checks payable to Laura Dodson and mail them to M.A. Bjarkman at 4119 Inglewood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90066. Snacks and coffee/tea will be available during workshop.

Continuing Education—sixteen (16) Continuing Education Credit hours will be awarded for completion of the two-day workshop. The Virginia Satir Global Network has been approved by NBCC as an Approved Continuing Education Provider. ACEP No. 5224. Programs that do not qualify for the NBCC credit are clearly identified. The Virginia Satir Global Network is solely responsible for all aspects of this program.