News Flash: Brian Sparkes

News Flash: Brian Sparkes


Congratulations to Brian Sparkes!

Brian has just become the first person certified as a “Satir Coaching and Mentoring Specialist”, by the Virginia Satir Global Network.

He exemplifies our vision for this program which was that we could expand Virginia’s teachings to persons other than therapists.

His story is truly amazing and inspirational. Brian was incarcerated for over twenty years during which time he worked on understanding himself and personal growth. Once released from prison, he continued his growth by graduating from the University of California at Davis in communication with research in emotional intelligence and also by taking the Enriching program through Satir Global. And then when Satir Global developed the certification for coaching and mentoring, he took that online and excelled.

Brian lives the principles of Virginia’s teachings and will impact many with his understanding of her work and his commitment to congruence.

If you have an interest in the Satir coaching and mentoring training, contact Sharon Loeschen at