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Please register for “The Satir International Journal”

Please remember to register for the Satir Journal

The New Edition of the Journal is out, pass the word.


The journal is free of charge. Virginia would have loved this. She wanted her teachings to be available to everyone. Her dream was to reach the everyday citizen. To be more specific, though, her teachings speak more to a population open to trying on a new way of looking at things. The Satir International Journal holds the possibility of providing educational and training resources as well as personal resources for a wide range of subscribers. Virginia Satir wanted to broadly influence the world. This journal is accessible. The one thing that could limit the journal’s accessibility is if people, like you, do not know about this free resource. That’s where our members and guests come in…..

 PLEASE PASS THE WORD that this journal can be a powerful vehicle for people who want to teach what they are learning. Sharing with the world at large is a very powerful act. We hope that the Satir community uses this publication as a tool for education and community building. It is quite a potential resource. But, the journal only becomes an actual resource when people like you read it. Please locate our website, read the journal, and pass on the link to others who might be interested.

 The Satir International Journal has room for research articles and theoretical pieces, room for personal accounts, ethical and cross-cultural issues, case studies, interviews, as well as room for more artistic-symbolic pieces.  The Satir International Journal is continuing the process of becoming rounder, more “whole.” We are open to a diverse range of manuscripts as well as other media. The journal encourages researchers to submit articles that demonstrate the efficacy of the Satir Model. Increasingly, clients are seeking cognitive-behavioral therapy because their physician, who reads CBT studies that appear in the medical literature, has recommended that the patient see a CBT therapist. Research related to the Satir Model needs to be brought together in one place and, eventually, distilled and integrated into teaching curriculums. The Satir International Journal can be forum for high quality papers such as this. Please check us out:


Jesse Ca

Cheryl Dennis

Thank you. I attended a Virginia Satir institute in Crested Butte, CO many years ago. Best training I benefited from my whole life!



Sou terapeuta familiar e uma admiradora do trabalho de Virginia Satir!

Beijos para vocês

Cary Stuart

I would like to learn Satir Model in Arkansas. I have learnt it from Hong Kong before. Please send me information if I can learn here. Thank you.

Lucille Maraschiello

So pleased to find you.

Caridad Portilla

I am a family therapist and have read many of Virginia Satir’s books. I’d like to know if you have workshops or any kind of tranings. I also would like to know if there are videos thta I could buy of Satir doing therapy

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