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Thank you, Beijing Qi Jia Sheng Ye, Satir (China) Learning and Development Center


We are deeply appreciative of the Qi Jia Sheng Ye Center in Mainland China for their amazing support of the 100,000 Heart Connections Campaign. Featured in the photo are the director, Miranda Wei Min (With Scarf) and their campaign liaison, Juliet Shi. They created the beautiful poster that you see as a way of promoting the campaign and are distributing it to Satir agencies throughout China. They will also be collecting videos of appreciation and donations to send for the Campaign.

We want to celebrate the incredible work of the Center, which has 18 full-time employees and four part-time employees devoted to spreading the Satir spirit and applying it in four different fields: Person Growth, Relationships, Organizations and Professional Development. And just recently they published their first application book entitled, Bloom.

We also want to express a major appreciation to Dr. John Banmen for all the work supporting and fostering the articulation and education of the transformational ideas of Virginia Satir in China and the around the world.

Satir 100,000 Poster

Contact person: Juliet Shi

Organisation: Beijing Qi Jia Sheng Ye, Satir (China) Learning and Development Center

Address: 9th floor Dang Dai Plaza, 40 Zhong Guan Cun Street, Hai Dian District, Beijing, China

Website: www.satirchina.org

Mobile phone: (+86) 17710618040

Office: (+86)010-82616796

WeChat: satirchina-org




地址:中国北京海淀区中关村大街40号 当代商城九层






Steps for sending video (China):

1,Add WeChat number: satirchina-org

2,Send your video to this WeChat number

The key contact person, Juliet will then upload your video to The Virginia Satir Global Network.






Steps to donate to our Campaign(China)

1,Add WeChat number: satirchina-org

2, Send your name,country and donation amount,for example: My name is Juliet, I am from China, I would like to donate ¥10 to the Campaign.

3,Donate to WeChat number satirchina-org

The total donation amount will be handed to The Virginia Satir Global Network through John Banmen R.Psych



2,发送您的名字+国家+捐款金额,例如:我是张虹 我来自中国 我为萨提亚十万心相联捐款10元


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