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Diana Hall is the 2016 Living Treasure

We are MOST pleased to announce that Diana Hall has been named as the Living Treasure for 2016 and will be honored at the Satir Global Annual Meeting, which will be held Friday evening at the special conference honoring Virginia’s 100th birthday, Becoming More Fully Human: The Evolution.

Diana’s history of connection with Virginia is amazing.  In 1984, she was working as a Special Education teacher and saw a flier announcing that Virginia was doing a one-day training, so she decided to attend.  In her words, here’s what happened:  “I sat in the front row figuring it would be less likely that I would fall asleep, however, not only did I not even yawn, but at the break I spent the entire time buying all of her books.  That day was magical for me!”

Diana lived near Virginia so she began driving her to events and then attending the Process Communities.  In 1987 Virginia asked her to be her assistant director to help with logistics and be a special support to her.  Diana took that request to heart and when Virginia was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, she accompanied her from Colorado to California and after her death coordinated her memorial service.

Diana has also been a very active and supportive member of Satir Global, having been the chair of the nominating committee for many years and being meticulous about every piece of her responsibility in that role.

After retiring from teaching, she became a licensed marriage and family therapist applying the Satir Model to help highly conflicted divorcing couples and their children.  As a result she is well known and has been asked to present at many conferences in relation to Domestic Violence and Highly Conflicted Couples.


Caitie O’Shea

I celebrate that Diana is being recognized for her outstanding work and being designated as a “Living Treasure.” I have known Diana Hall for over 30 years, as a colleague, a supervisor and most importantly, as my friend. Diana was instrumental in bringing Virginia Satir to some of the Special Education staff in the San Mateo County Office of Education. It introduced teachers to other ways of working with children and families, and was a powerful experience for those who took the risk. Diana provided workshops, small group interventions and support to staff working with special needs children over the years we worked together. Diana’s knowledge and energy in this work was a gift to me. I felt fortunate to have met Virginia Satir and appreciated the passion and energy Diana showed in spreading Satir’s work. I see Diana continue to work with families in major conflicts where she has been able to move them to “becoming more fully human.” She has been hanging in there with me these many years. I wish I could be there at the Conference to cheer for Diana and her wonderful contributions to helping “people see themselves as worthy of love.” We certainly need that this political cycle and could use Virginia Satir’s energy, through Diana Hall, that in showing “…we connect through our sameness and grow through our differences”, beats building a wall!
Congratulations to you Diana and for really believing that “Change is possible!”
God Bless, Caitie

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