We would like to honor Dr. Bonnie Lee for her significant contributions to the development of the Satir Model through theoretical conceptualization, clinical application, clinical research and academic publications.  Bonnie is an Associate Professor at Lethbridge University in Canada.  She is also a Clinical Fellow with the American Association of Marriage and Family and a Social Worker.  

Bonnie’s focus on Satir began with her doctoral dissertation where she focused on the spiritual, philosophical, ritual and empirical significance of Satir’s work.   Then in 2002, she developed the Congruence Scale and more recently in 2009 she operationalized congruence, as “attending, awareness, acknowledgement and alignment” in the four dimensions of intrapsychic, interpersonal, intergenerational and universal-spiritual. 

Bonnie has also developed a structured program for couples dealing with problem gambling and a successful research control trial of that program in 2015. 

This program is absolutely ground-breaking, since gambling addiction is often a treatment for the addict and not for the addict and the spouse.  Conceptualizing the issue as relational is revolutionary.

In recognition of her creativity and innovation in advancing a relational framework in the field of addiction and mental health, she was awarded the University of Lethbridge Board of Governors Research Chair (Tier II) in Healthy Futures (2016-19). To access her publications, go to:


Thank you, Bonnie! 

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