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Outstanding Service Award Dr. Young Kim

We are honored to present the Outstanding Service Award to Dr. Young Ae Kim. As the founder of the Korea Satir Institute (KSI), her professional life has demonstrated such a huge commitment to establishing the Satir Model in the Korean sociocultural context and helping countless Korean families and individuals for nearly two decades. Here, we would like to share how she has contributed to the world with Satir’s teachings.

The KSI has established the Satir Model training program with approximately 150 participants every year who are from diverse backgrounds ranging from lay people seeking their own growth to a variety of professionals. This intensive training program is designed to be completed in a year. For a more intimate and effective training experience, two types of classes have been offered, one that meets weekly and another that meets two full weekends out of the month. The programs take place in Seoul and Pusan, the two largest cities in Korea. Now the KSI can confidently say that the Satir training program is becoming one of the most well­known and popular psychotherapy programs in Korea. Beyond this training program, the KSI has produced many qualified family therapists through MOUs, partnering with graduate programs of Dankook University and Seoul Cyber University. Dr. Kim is putting forth an effort to assist researchers and graduate students in designing research, writing dissertations, and developing clinical programs based on the Satir Model in a variety of settings.
Dr. Kim developed the Satir Parenting Program and the Satir Communication Program and has produced approximately 130 certified instructors in each of the two programs. These certified instructors have actively engaged in social needs in many areas including local government counseling centers, businesses, religious communities, and schools across the country. Dr. Kim’s dedication to publication has also been incredible. She has steadily published Satir Model related books and translated 11 foreign books into Korean as well. The KSI publisher has also produced and provided various Satir online lectures on the website. Here are some highlights of the books that Dr. Kim has written on the Satir Model:
• 아름다운 사람 만들 기 4th ed. (2015)
• 사티어 빙산 의사소통 3rd ed. (2015)
• 통합적 사티어 모델: 이론과 실제 2nd ed. (2015)
• 통합적 사티어 모델: 핵심 개념과 실제 적용 2nd ed. (2014)
It has already been 5 years since the Korea Satir Transformational Systemic Therapy Association first launched. Of course, the KSI has taken the leading role in it. The Association and the KSI have been co­running monthly case conferences since the Association started, in which there are 50­70 participants per session. This has been a valuable time and place for those interested in Satir to get connected both professionally and personally on a regular basis.
Thanks to Dr. Kim’s huge contributions to Korean society, the KSI was officially designated by the Government Family Court in 2012 as the organization that provides couples therapy for those who are divorcing. This project aims to help divorcing couples either reconsider reconciliation or prepare for better co­parenting of their children after a divorce. Also, Healthy Family Support Centers run by the Seoul government signed an MOU with the KSI in 2011 and have entrusted the KSI with clinical training for their hired counselors. In addition, the KSI is registered as a non­profit organization in order to provide more accessible services for people who are in
financial need. The KSI is looking forward to more opportunities to work with government programs to improve the quality of societal mental health in the local, public setting. In the spirit of this, Dr. Kim is leading a group of trained Satir therapists to give registered public school counselors Satir trainings free of charge with the aim of helping children and teenagers in a school setting.

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