Systemic Enrichment Workshop

Systemic Enrichment Workshop

September 11, 2021 @ 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm
A practical workshop to explore the hidden dynamics of family and business challenges to move to a place of better, to transform patterns.

About this event

A practical workshop to explore the hidden dynamics and how to overcome challenges based on the work of Virginia Satir (Pioneer in Systemic Family Therapy).

What do I need to prepare:

Be on time, switch off other devices and be ready to be fully present for the full duration of the workshop.

If you want to learn more about the approach, you can read this article: Click Here and FAQs Click Here

What we see with our physical eyes is the behaviour that is a consequence of belief systems that come from the family of our origin. We are influenced by different hidden dynamics and loyalties sometimes going back to generations before us. These are the aspects of our life that we are inevitably touching through the Systemic Enrichment at our workshops.

About Facilitator:

Darya Haitoglou (MSc(Dist), MPhil, BScPsy(Hons), NLPMT, PCC (ICF) ) is a psychologist, director of Virginia Satir Institute in the UK, an experienced facilitator who creates safe and confidential space to explore the deeper layers beyond cognitive intellect. She is particularly skilled at noticing nuances in body-language that lead to transformations and bring in insight into hidden dynamics in relating. For more information about Darya visit


“Online experience was surprisingly powerful. Felt a strong connection to the group which allowed some deep work despite the fact some of the group were thousands of miles away.”

“As a newcomer into systemic work, it was extremely powerful to feel emotions, physical reactions (warmth in the body), and a connection with the role players. I understand now that we are all connected and live the same emotions but deal with them differently.”

“I would highly recommend Darya as a fantastic facilitator of insight, change, and growth in relationships. Whether it’s face to face or online, you’ll experience an energy shift.”

“Darya’s sensitively coordinated systemic interventions are a powerful way to gain insight, remove trauma and integrate change. If you’ve been working on recurring patterns that consistently fail to resolve themselves you could do well by taking a deep dive into this modality.”

“This work is transformational and enlightening. You will be amazed by the experience and the power and intent of humanity to seek the healing path.”

“This was my first experience and it was revelatory”

“It was an amazing opportunity to learn about the systematic constellations being a part of the process for the first time.”

“Constellation really helps with moving forward when you are stuck putting in touch with your emotional past..”

“Amazing work, opens up a safe, shared space and creates powerful healing connections”

“It was a powerful and insightful session. Thank you so much for having me!”

“It’s been the most transformational work I have ever done”

“I’ve tried all sorts of therapies but this one was extraordinary…I already feel better”

“You must try it to understand the deepest layers of your consciousness”

“My life has changed forever. Amazing!”


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