Enriching Program

Enriching your Relationship with Yourself and Others

Satir Global offers online lessons in the Enriching program which is based on the work of Virginia Satir. This program is designed for personal and professional development. Each lesson is focused on one of the core skills that Virginia used in her work: Making Contact, Validating, Becoming Aware, Opening to Greater Understanding and Acceptance, Making Conscious Choices and Seeking or Giving Support. For more information go to www.EnrichingSkills.net

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Comments from a Student:
Here’s what she had to say about the program:”First of all, I appreciate the program (Enriching) for it reminds me of lots of things that I neglected. I also a appreciate my trainer. Through each lesson, she and I have built up connection in the deeper level. At the same time, I want to say that I thank myself for being open and curious all of the time.Throughout the program I work hard and allow myself to be human. So I find peace and freedom in it, which is like coming home to myself. And suddenly, it strikes on me that the essence of the lesson is about nurture and love in human being relationships. The skills that I am going to learn are not so important, what really matters is whether I truly want to enrich enrich my relationship. In other words, do I know what I really, really, really want? I know! So I am here!” Cindy

Certified Trainers for the Enriching
Program Co-authors:Sharon Loeschen and Margarita Suarez


  • Eileen Strider
  • Grace Yung
  • Jean McLendon
  • Maureen Graves
  • Gundolf Strehl
  • Eileen Strider
  • Wayne Strider
  • Ho Kit, Mui

Trainers in Hong Kong

  • Cheung Wing Fong, Doris
  • Choi Hang Wa, Brenda
  • Choi Ka Yin, Jenny
  • Fung Sau Ying, Alice
  • Lau Chui Ping, Esther
  • Lee Yun Ling, Yvonne
  • Liew Wai Yoon, Suriya
  • Mak, Allison
  • Mei Chu Wong, Phyllis
  • Ng Suk Yee, Alice
  • Wong, Eve
  • Wong, Fonnie
  • Wong Yuen Yung, Rebecca
  • Wu Kit Yee, Fandy

Trainers in Europe

  • Eva Wieprecht
  • Gundolf Strehl
  • Maria Vittori Serpini
  • Romina Schell
  • Darya Haitoglou

Trainers in the Middle East

  • Randa Babili from Syria and Canada
  • Siham Abueita from Jordan

Trainers in United States

  • Amy Saggese
  • Becky Thron
  • Ceci Bolan
  • Christy Cosper
  • Dalit Bruchstein
  • David Saldana
  • Diane Eisenberg
  • Duane Osterlind
  • Dasa Jendrusova (Czech Republic)
  • 10. Erica Santo
  • Espi Maldonado
  • James McCullagh
  • Johnny Faulkner
  • Kim Fuller
  • Karyn Mendoza
  • Kay Mahone
  • Lakeya  Johnson
  • Linda Vera Cortes
  • Maria Garcia
  • Marcia Lynn
  • Marti Mimiago
  • Maria Traver
  • Nancy Whittaker
  • Regina Ragan Taggart
  • Rob Schlesinger
  • Ruth Campos
  • Shala Samsamy
  • Slyvia Palda
  • Susan Wong