China Celebrates Virginia Satir’s 100th Birthday

China Celebrates Virginia Satir’s 100th Birthday

The China Satir family members established a special committee to celebrate Virginia Satir’s 100th Birthday during 2016. The plan is to give 100 public talks in different cities on the application of the Satir Model. Topics such as improve parenting, improve couple relationships, helping teenagers and personal growth have been chosen as the main focus of the public talks.

For the last three years, China has had a training-for-trainers program with 35 participants. These 35 will be the main presenters of the talks. During a trial run of a few public talks in 2015, attendance reached 300.

Our committee members said in December 2015, “we will not stop at 100, the enthusiasm is too high.” At the beginning or at the end of each talk a short ceremony in honor of Virginia Satir will be held.

Reported by John Banmen.