Learning the Satir Growth Model with Dr. Grace Yung: 7-10 January 2016

Learning the Satir Growth Model with Dr. Grace Yung: 7-10 January 2016

Written by Satir Whole Person Development Association of Malaysia

 Satir Whole Person Development Association of Malaysia is delighted to have Dr. Grace Yung from Green Pastures Whole Person Development Centre (Hong Kong) to conduct the “Diploma in Individual and Family Therapy Using The Satir Growth Model”.  The Diploma course has five modules in total, and we have just completed four days of Module 3 – the clinical application of Satir Growth Model in January 2016.

There are 25 participants from three nationalities of Malaysia, Singapore and China in this Diploma course. Everyone is grateful to notice the changes within us and we are looking forward to be on the journey of becoming a more fully human together. 

Dr. Grace Yung has been coming to Malaysia to teach the Satir Growth Model for more than ten years. Her teaching method has also grown with her professional counselling and life experiences, where her students nowadays are able to master the essence of Satir Growth Model within a short period of learning. It’s our treasure to have the opportunity to learn from her and having her love and support throughout the years. 

Continuing our series with stories from our Muslim members.


This is a message from a Satir Global member, Osama Aljama.

Message to humanity:

When I first had children, I did not know how to deal with them in a mature way, probably because this is what learned from my childhood.  I made a lot of mistakes.  One day I was shouting at my son, he was 5 years old, the next day he could not talk very well, he was stuttering.   I knew it was my fault, I decide to change.   I went to Canada to attend a workshop in parenting.   In the library I saw the golden book,  “The New Peoplemaking” by Virginia Satir.

I remember the day when I read it,  I could not stop my tears, as I cannot stop them now while writing this paragraph.  Each page I turned was like it was talking about me, or talking to me.  The word of Satir was so powerful, I could not stop reading, it touched not only my heart,  but my Soul.  From that time I changed, I became a psychologist in Saudi Arabia, my country.   My child was cured, and I started teaching parents how to deal with their children.
I made an interview in TV on parenting skills, I produced audio material, and conducted workshops for parents, I receive parents in my clinic, I deliver parenting skills in twitter for more than forty thousand followers.  But the happiest thing I ever did was translating Virginia Satir’s  book into Arabic, for the Arabian nation to read it. It is a book full of wisdom, experience, warm emotions, and peace. Now my son has become older and he keeps saying to me “Dad, I am glad that you are my father, you are the best”.
Thank you, Virginia, for making this world a better place and for making us better people.  God Bless your soul.

My ideas to promote peace:

  1. International gathering, but in a country other than USA.
  2. Projects for promoting human values, each person share his experience.
  3. Cultural exchange, students, teachers, for people to visit others, and attending workshops in other countries.
  4. Internet groups, each region for its own.

Osama Aljama
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China Celebrates Virginia Satir’s 100th Birthday


Reported by John Banmen

The China Satir family members established a special committee to celebrate Virginia Satir’s 100th Birthday during 2016.  The plan is to give 100 public talks in different cities on the application of the Satir Model.  Topics such as improve parenting, improve couple relationships, helping teenagers and personal growth have been chosen as the main focus of the public talks.
For the last three years, China has had a training-for-trainers program with 35 participants.  These 35 will be the main presenters of the talks.  During a trial run of a few public talks in 2015, attendance reached 300.
Our committee members said in December 2015, “we will not stop at 100, the enthusiasm is too high.”  At the beginning or at the end of each talk a short ceremony in honor of Virginia Satir will be held.

Reported by John Banmen,

Continuing our series of our Muslim members, we are honored to hear from Siham D. Abu-Eita.


By Siham D. Abu-Eita Ph.D.

Professor Siaham D. Abu-EitaMy name is Siham D. Abu-Eita and I am a Professor at Hashemite University in Jordan.  I received my PhD in counselling from George Washington University.  I have taught at many universities. I was the Chairperson of the Education Psychology Department,  the Dean of School of Educational Science & Dean of Queen Rania College of Childhood.  I have been a consultant for the National Council for Family Affairs in Jordan, a consultant with the World Bank as an expert in establishing counseling programs,  a member of the International Society for Protection Child Abused and Neglected (Scholar).  I have taught the Satir Model for more than nine years for students studying for a Master’s degree in family counseling.  I also attended the 2012 Satir Global Network Confrence in Chapel Hill, NC.
I took the on-line training course Enriching Your Relationship with Yourself and Others with Sharon Loeschen, in 2013.  I gave two workshops in this course for students  in Jordan.  I translated into Arabic the “Satir Process ” by Sharon Loeshen, Conjoint Family Therapy by Satir and edited the Arabic translation of the Satir’s The New People Making.

I believe we can promote peace. Peace is realized when we oppose all forms of discrimination and oppression, when the people have the right to equitable human rights and a fair allocation of societal resources.  
Promoting access and equity to insure full participation in the life of a society, particularly for those who have been systematically excluded on the basis of race/ethnicity, gender, age, physical or mental disability, education, and socioeconomic status, are essential in realizing peace.
The increasing economic division between social classes, social economic inequalities,  the struggle of equal  rights; political injustice  issues, the achievement gap in education, and sex discrimination, are the  barriers of realizing peace.

A Tribute to Bob Spitzer


Written by Jean Mclendon

Bob Spitzer, JD, MD, Publicist, Philanthropist, Visionary, Brother, Mentor, 2006 Living Treasure and husband to our dearest sister, Becky Spitzer, died at home with his extraordinarily loving family at his side on December 17.  He was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor on November 6 at Stanford Hospital.

Many of us in our community miss him a great deal.  Bob was unforgettable, funny, brilliant, perceptive and mischievous.  He was sweet and huggable and an adventurer of life, both as it was and could be. He saw beyond the struggles of the day and reached persistently and sometimes perseveringly for how things could be different.  He believed strongly that we are all kin and that if we could see our planet and ourselves from space that we could connect to our ‘oneness’ and create a unified and free world. From an imagined distance, he saw the order in chaos.

There is so much to say about Bob, so many appreciations and so much gratitude to him from those of us who were fortunate to know him. Perhaps for our community, we most need to appreciate how he supported Virginia and her work.  He was with her at the Mental Research Institute in Palo Alto before she went to Esalen.  He published her seminal works Conjoint Family Therapy and The New Peoplemaking.  He always believed that her genius at understanding what it means to be human offered a unique platform for positive change for all people and all times.

Bob, if you are out there in space, where you liked to travel, I hope you can see and hear how much you are loved and that we are continuing to work to make the world a better place.  Thank you for being one of our important leaders.

Jean McLendon

Promoting Peace Within, Peace Between and Peace Among


Dear Satir Global community members,

by SharonLoeschen

Due to the increased violence in the world, I have decided to reach out to our Muslim members and ask them to contribute to the News Flash so we can become more connected.  I will be asking them to write about themselves: what country they are from, how they got touched by Virginia’s teachings, what kind of work they do and what are some of the ways they think we could promote “peace among”.
As we begin this series, I want to tell you about my own experience in this area. Two years ago, I felt so badly for the pain of Syrian-American women that I contacted the Syrian-American women of Orange County, California and offered to do the Satir based Enriching Program with them.  Ten women accepted and we met regularly in a beautiful mosque for a year.
And during that time, as always happens when teaching Satir, what we all learned was how universal our feelings were, no matter what our religion, and bonded forever!
I feel truly blessed to know them.

Sharon Loeschen, President

We start with an old friend, Randa Babili.

Dear Satir Global community members,

 It is my pleasure to talk to you about promoting peace. My country, Syria, has been suffering the lack of it for four years. Therefore, I appreciate this initiative as a start, and hope it will help in restoring peace, even a little bit, not just in Syria, but also in our hearts! 

My name is Randa Babili, and I now live in Canada. For the past 7 years, I have been involved with many Satir centers, training in the Satir Model, facilitating work shops in the Enriching Yourself and Others program and participating in family reconstructions.   I was also the President of the Satir learning center of Ottawa.

As a Muslim, I learned that God said in his mighty book, the Quran, that:

“God will not change people’s situation, until they change their hearts!”

This amazing idea is exactly what I learned at Satir centers. “Peace within, peace between, peace among!”. Peace starts with us, not them!!!!! 

Recently when I was in Syria under the bombing, I truly discovered that when peace was missing in the outside world, I found it in my inner world. 

Peace can come from simple actions;  a smile, a random act of kindness, self care & love, and acceptance of others. All of these and more can lead to peace within.

Therefore, I really appreciate the Satir centers for spreading the awareness and the focus of finding peace within. Because if  we are serious about changing others, it’s through changing ourselves first!!! 

Wishing you a peaceful journey & thank you.