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Hello, Welcome to our resource page. We will offer a wide range of content on this page for your viewing and reading pleasure.
We start with are articles/poems and videos about the Satir Model that may be of interest to you.  Many of these poems and stories were posted at the start of the world Covid epidemic.  Followed by articles related to Satir’s work including her writing. (In the future we will be linked to the Satir Archives for scholars seeking more information.)
Finally we will provide video links done by members of the Satir Global Network including Institutes and Affiliates.
Hope you enjoy.


Lockdown by Richard Hendrick

Its-O.K by Ingolsby

Hokusai Says by Keyes

Poetry_Mary Oliver_Wild Geese + Re-write

The Cure For It All by Julia Fehrenbacher

Different and Unique

Satir Global_Meditation Centering/Meditation for Satir Global June 24, 2020 Roger and Nancy Harmon

George Gondron Don’t stop poem 

On the Pulse of the Morning by Maya Angelou 

‘All one’ poem by Maryl Weatherburn

Stay Wild  by MS MOEM


1. Quest for Survival The Quest For Survival-A Training Program for Family Diagnosis And Treatment Author: Virginia Satir Publish Date: 1963

2. Dr.Hilda Richard shares a bit about her life long use of Meditation   Hilda Richards on Meditation 

3. Prejudice article ejournal 2020 version ” Alleviating Prejudicial Hate: The Strategies of Virginia Satir” by Sandy Novak, MS, MA, LPC

Video Links

  1. We start with a wonderful video of an interview with Dr. John Banmen and Darya Haitoglou about John Satir Journey and his vision for Satir’s work.