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"People need to see themselves as the treasure that they are."
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Current Board

Gundolf Strehl

Gundolf is serving his first term on the Board. He is the co-author of Der Satir Prozess teaching Satir in Germany, Argentina and the United States. He has a Diploma in Psychology and is a certified trainer in the Enriching Program. He also serves as the Membership Chair for the Network.

Jeremy Kredentser

Jeremy is serving his first term on the board and is our current vice-president. Currently a practicing physician in Winnipeg, Canada, he has been involved with Satir learning for 25+ years, and has traveled to many parts of the world to study and make friends in our world community.

Steve Smith

Steve is serving his first term on the board. Steve is fascinated by people, especially how they interact. As a husband, father, son, brother and uncle - family interactions, especially with his
daughter Keri, have taught him many lessons. As an Advisory Technology
Consultant for a leading provider of cloud computing - he interacts daily
with customers, managers, engineers, and sales people to solve technical and
organizational problems. Satir's work has enabled him to improve his
interactions thus producing better results in both settings.
Email address:

Sharon Loeschen

Sharon is the current president of the Satir Global Board. She works as a clinical social worker in Long Beach, California and is the author of three books on the teachings of Virginia Satir: The Satir Process, Systematic Training in the Skills of Virginia Satir and Enriching Your Relationship with Yourself and Others, as well as the co-developer of an educational program by the same name. If you wish to contact Sharon, her email is Please put Satir Global in the subject line.

Becky Winant

Becky is serving her second term on the board. She has been practicing her individual application of the Satir Process model for over 15 years and is still learning. Working as a software architect, whose job is to influence others in a large organization, provides opportunity and lots of learning. Using her love of visual arts, she has developed posters and other graphics for the Virginia Satir Global Network.

Duane Osterlind

Duane is serving his first term as a board member. Duane Osterlind co-founder Novus Mindful Life Institute in Long Beach, California, an agency that specializes in helping people overcome behavioral addictions. Duane uses the Satir process in his work in helping individuals, couples and families recover from process addictions and trauma.

Regina Ragan

Regina is serving her first term on the Board. She is Executive Director of Satir Institute of the Southeast in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. As a social worker for 20 years, she has used the Satir Model in multiple contexts including hospice care, counseling for teens and families. She developed, “I Actually Make My Experience” a skills based self-esteem group for children and adolescents. Regina loves the international work of Satir and has traveled to Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Hong Kong, China and Europe. Email address:

Kim Hendren

Kim is our new Administrative Director. She has over 25 years of experience in finance and is pleased to
work with VSGN to fulfill the financial duties. She is also very happy be able to communicate with Satir members
and anyone interested in Satir to help with questions or concerns.
Kim lives near Raleigh, NC with her husband, Johnny, and their 2 dogs.
You can e-mail Kim at