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The Virginia Satir Global Network consists of individuals, institutes and organizations dedicated to furthering the creation of healthy and just relationships with self and others based on the teachings of Virginia Satir.

Randa Babili

We want to celebrate our member, Randa Bilibi, from Syria!  She is currently residing in Ottawa, Canada, and is the president of the Satir Learning Center of Ottawa. Here is how she describes herself:

 I am  strategic about my life . I try to get as many different experiences, perspectives, and roles as I can.  I connect as far and as wide as possible. I have studied Computer Science , Economics and Law .

Trained  in Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP), the  Satir Model on Personal Growth ,Conflict Resolution, and Art.

My best life discovery, is the Satir model on personal growth!

When I was introduced to Satir, two  beliefs stood out for me: The world is a better place now that I am in it , and We meet because of our sameness, we grow because of our differences!

These beliefs changed my world!

Satir taught me that I control the world, when I control my perception of the world.  So  I stopped expending energy on things beyond my control.  Today I channel my energy to exploring with a curious open mind — What does the world really look like?

I practice keeping my self-worth intact regardless of what happens in my life.  I enjoy and grow by exploring the differences I find in the world.

I’ve never fancied myself a specialist – but, rather, a detailed generalist who picks things up quickly and can find connections and a bigger picture in relative short order. It’s the connections between people, ideas, and a bigger picture that get me out of bed. Sometimes it’s my own project – but more often than not, it’s trying to figure out how I can help somebody else who’s stuck get moving again. This is what I love most about the Satir model – it’s a garden full of ideas, and there’s always something to be tilled, weeded, or straight-up and re-planted.

Having lived most of my life in the Middle east, I am pleased to hear that some training of Satir happened in my region (Jordan and Bahrain).It came at a very crucial time , along with what so called ” the Arab awakening “.  I wish to see a true awareness of our universality and how much we can be of help to one another Connecting on our sameness, and growing by our differences .  Its my hope that I take the teachings of Satir to Syria upon my return.

Stay in Love & Light !

Appreciations to Pat Bragg

by Sharon Loeschen

We are celebrating the wonderful contribution of Pat Bragg, President of the Satir Professional Development Institute of Manitoba, Canada, to the world by offering Satir training in Bahrain, where she trained not only students from Bahrain but also Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Morocco, United Arab Emirates and India. The training was very extensive and in October they received their certificates of completion, as seen in the picture above. She is also mid-way through a 25-day training program in Istanbul, Turkey.

Pat writes, “Virginia’s belief in the universality of people’s longing for intimacy, their deep desire to be recognized, validated, accepted and loved for themselves is totally confirmed by my experience.  From so many countries and cultures, we all connected through our sameness and grew through our differences.  I feel very blessed to have had this experience and honored to have had the opportunity to share my knowledge with such keen and loving therapists.  I know that my relationship with these fascinating and diverse groups will continue through my life, Inshallah.”

The Satir Professional Development Institute of Manitoba

Outstanding Service Award

 Jerry Weinberg as the recipient of the Outstanding Service award.

 Jerry, his wife Dani, and Jean McLendon developed the highly successful 7 day Congruent Leadership Workshop called the Change Shop to bring Satir teachings to the world of IT and the impact for most participants was felt very strongly and has been sustained.  He also founded the Amplifying Your Leadership (AYE) conference and has written more than 40 books!  He is a wonderful teacher to learn more about this giving and gifted man check out his web page and see what wikipedia has to say. Congratulations Jerry!



Living Treasure 2013

Congratulations and appreciations to Stephen Buckbee as the recipient of the Living Treasure award.

Stephen, along with his two colleagues, Mike Dupont and Dan Doyle, developed a program based upon Virginia’s concept of the Self Mandala that they have used to train hundreds of therapists, social workers, teachers, police, EMT’s, nurses, youth workers, youth, parents, elderly and the general public. And, in addition, Steve has contributed immensely to network over the years. He has been a member of  this network since 1988. He is also a member of the Satir Institute of the Pacific.  He is one of our administrators for the website and his most recent contribution is that he developed and maintains our Facebook page.

  For more information https://www.bddtraining.com

“The Satir International Journal”

Let’s celebrate the rebirth of the newly entitled publication, “The Satir International Journal.” To familiarize you with the background of this journal, Dr. Stephen Bentheim, Editor of the Satir Journal of Counselling and Family Therapy, launched the first issue of the journal in 2013 through the University of Victoria. While working on the next issue, Steve died, without much warning, of a brain tumor on October 2, 2014.

 Continuing the vision of Steven Bentheim, Jesse Carlock accepted the offer from Honore France, University of Victoria, to serve as the new editor of the journal. From that time forward, Jesse Carlock, along with Honore France of the University of Victoria and several other members of the Satir Global Network, began forming a team to create this new version of the journal whose title now more aptly reflects the scope of what we have always intended.

 We continue as an ejournal. This form allows us to reach out with free information to anyone who has access to a computer. Amazingly, the journal is free of charge. Virginia would have loved this. She wanted her teachings to be available to everyone. Her dream was to reach the everyday citizen. To be more specific, though, her teachings speak more to a population open to trying on a new way of looking at things. The Satir International Journal holds the possibility of providing educational and training resources as well as personal resources for a wide range of subscribers. Virginia Satir wanted to broadly influence the world. This journal is accessible. The one thing that could limit the journal’s accessibility is if people, like you, do not know about this free resource. That’s where our members and guests come in…..

 PLEASE PASS THE WORD that this journal can be a powerful vehicle for people who want to teach what they are learning. Sharing with the world at large is a very powerful act. We hope that the Satir community uses this publication as a tool for education and community building. It is quite a potential resource. But, the journal only becomes an actual resource when people like you read it. Please locate our website, read the journal, and pass on the link to others who might be interested.

 The Satir International Journal has room for research articles and theoretical pieces, room for personal accounts, ethical and cross-cultural issues, case studies, interviews, as well as room for more artistic-symbolic pieces like Roger Harmon’s photo essay that will appear in the next issue. The Satir International Journal is continuing the process of becoming rounder, more “whole.” We are open to a diverse range of manuscripts as well as other media. The journal encourages researchers to submit articles that demonstrate the efficacy of the Satir Model. Increasingly, clients are seeking cognitive-behavioral therapy because their physician, who reads CBT studies that appear in the medical literature, has recommended that the patient see a CBT therapist. Research related to the Satir Model needs to be brought together in one place and, eventually, distilled and integrated into teaching curriculums. The Satir International Journal can be forum for high quality papers such as this. Please check us out:


Jesse Ca

IHLRN 2014 Conference

For our 45th annual conference we shall return to Europe – to the beautiful city of Prague. Prague is the capital and largest city of the Czech Republic. It is the fourteenth-largest city in the European Union. It is also the historical capital of Bohemia. Eva Holubova and Nada Feketeova have been encouraging us to come to their country and have done much research to inform and prepare us for this grand adventure. We are looking forward to meeting with and getting to know some our Satir counterparts from Eastern Europe.

Dates: September 28-October 5, 2014 with opportunities for pre and post tours. We begin with dinner on Sunday evening, September 28, and end after breakfast on Sunday, October 5.

 More information

World Network of Family and Systemic Therapies (WNFAST)

Satir Global is thrilled to announce that we are now an affiliate of a newly formed organization, the World Network of Family and Systemic Therapies (WNFAST).  It has been established to help individuals and groups throughout the world who are involved in systemic therapies support each other by connecting and sharing information about training events and resources such as books, articles and research.  Since its inception it is growing at a remarkable pace with 27,000 members and 50 affiliate groups already.  Click here to learn more about the organization.  Satir Global will be giving a link to the WNFAST newsletter through our newsletter so that our members will be getting wonderful information from others around the world and can also share information regarding Satir events and resources.

World Network of Family and Systemic Therapies


Sister Malir from Manila conducted a training entitled “Triads and Family Process” for seminarians on retreat.  Click HERE to see many of the wonderful pictures that she sent to Satir Global so that all in the network could see.  They are amazing in capturing the experience of a Satir training!

Along with sending the pictures she wrote, “I love teaching.  Now as I teach, I journey with my students.  I know and I feel when my students, mostly religious candidates, need accompaniment.  Having researched on Students Functionality, where Satir’s teaching was one of my theories used, I have become more humane in dealing with my every student and my sisters in the convent. I continue reading Satir and learning from her and I am being enriched continually.  For a very important consideration, I have treasured Satir and she has become part of my daily inspiration.”

To see more pictures of the work that Sr. Maria Lirio L. Guillermo is doing click  HERE

Satir Learning Centre of Ottawa (SLCO) workshop

Satir Learning Centre of Ottawa (SLCO) workshop Enriching Your Relationship with Yourself and Others An experiential and psycho-educational workshop based on the teachings of Virginia Satir* *Virginia Satir (1916-1988) was a pioneer in family systems therapy development. Learn how to, enrich your life by becoming more fully connected with yourself and other.  Become more aware of your feelings, yearnings and behaviors.  Empower yourself with your new awareness of choices.

Leader: Sharon Loeschen, President, Virginia Satir Global Network September 13 – 14, 2014 8:45 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Ben Franklin Place, 101 Centrepointe Drive SLCO membership fee: $20. plus Workshop fee: $25. Special appreciation to Satir Global for making this attractive price possible. For more information, see www.satirottawa.ca. We can learn something new anytime we believe we can.—Virginia Satir

Say It Straight Foundation

The Say It Straight Foundation is happy to announce that David Golden will facilitate a 3-day Say It Straight Training of Trainers Workshop in Lacey, WA, August 12-14, 2014 and Paula Englander-Golden and David Golden will facilitate another 3-day Say It Straight Training of Trainers Workshop in Austin, TX September 3-6, 2014

We hope you will be able to attend or send someone.

 A Sample Training Agenda and Registration/Agreement form is attached to this email. If you want to reserve a place at the workshop, please fill out the registration/agreement form page and send it together with a check, money order or purchase order to us using the addresses on the form.



Preventing Destructive Behaviors and Promoting Wellness Designated by US Department of Education, Center for Substance Abuse Prevention and Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention as an Evidence-Based Prevention Program Listed in SAMHSA’s National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices

CONTACT Say It Straight Foundation at (512) 428-6478 or info@sayitstraight.org

We can bring a TRAINING OF TRAINERS WORKSHOP to your area

SAY IT STRAIGHT FOUNDATION, 701 Horseback Hollow, Austin TX 78730, USA

XXIII World Family Therapy Congress Technology, Families and Effective Therapy

Changing Traditions and Systemic Therapy:

Dangers and Opportunities for Families

The 23rd World Family Therapy Congress will be held 11 – 14 March 2015 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We invite you to join colleagues from around the world at the Congress Hotel, the JW Marriott, a five-star hotel in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

The 2015 Congress has as its theme, Changing Traditions and Systemic Therapy: Dangers and Opportunities for Families. The Congress will focus on how generational, cultural, religious, and political changes impact families, and, as a result, families can respond to these changes as opportunities for growth. The 2015 Congress will feature many approaches to a variety of problems and ways of coping with them. The congress aims to help heal hurting couples and families in various cultures.

The International Family Therapy Association was an outgrowth of the East-West Bridging Congress conducted in Prague in 1987. Since that time, IFTA’s goal has been the same: Advancing family therapy worldwide by promoting research, education, and sound practice while promoting international cooperation and the exchange of knowledge and ideas that support the health and well-being of families and persons around the world.

Registration is open!

Click here to register for the 23rd World Family Therapy Congress.

Tell your colleagues!
Click here for a flyer to post or distribute (PDF).


Satir Institute of the Pacific Upcoming Training

Satir Institute of the Pacific

Satir Transformational Systemic

Therapy Training Program Level 1


September13, 14, October 18, 19, November 22, 23, 2013
January 17, 18, February 21, 22, 2014

at Phoenix Center 13686-94A Avenue, Surrey, BC

Kathlyne Maki-Banmen, MA , RCC Individual, Couple and Family Therapist
Jennifer Nagel, MA RCC Individual, Couple and Family Therapist

The Satir Transformational Systemic Therapy Model (STST) is unique in encompassing both the intrapsychic and interactive components of therapy.  Much therapy of the past has been focused only on clients’ behaviour, cognition or affect.  This model is focused on bringing about change at the level of Being, as well as changes in doing, feeling and perceiving.  The process taps the universal yearnings of individuals within their personal family and social systems and helps them work towards a sense of responsible wholeness.  The process requires that the therapist has a high level of therapeutic competence and congruence.

10 day program only $1150.00

For more information  contact:
Cindi Mueller, Administrator
Satir Institute of the Pacific


Satir Transformational Systemic Therapy
Level II Weekend Training Program

Sept 27, 28, Oct 25, 26, Dec 6, 7, 2014
Jan 24, 25, Feb 28, March 1, 2015

10 day program for $1250.00

Phoenix Center, Boardroom, 13686-94A Avenue, Surrey, BC

With Kathlyne Maki-Banmen, MA, RCC, Individual, Couple and Family Counsellor
Assisted by Linda Lucas, LCPC, Clinical Professional Counsellor

The focus of the program is to improve participants’ competence, congruence and confidence in doing transformational, experiential, systemic change therapy.  The course leader will utilize lecturettes, small group discussions, structured exercises, demonstrations, experiential learning and skill practice sessions to assist participants to move their therapy into a positively directional, change focused, experiential process.  The emphasis will be on bringing about transformational change in individual therapy, couples therapy and family therapy.  As well, some attention will be given to working with specific symptoms in therapy.  Participants will work in triads for a minimum of 3 hours between sessions to practice different aspects of the program.  As in the STST Level I training program, participants will use their own process of personal growth as the arena for their learning.

For more information see the attached brochure or go to www.satirpacific.org/training

or call Cindi Mueller, SIP Administrator


Emailed by Cindi Mueller, Administrator on behalf of:Satir Institute of the PacificCharity Reg. # 858851082Society # S-38709admin@satirpacific.orgPhone:  1-604-634-0572

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We will joining the International Human Learning Resources Network (IHLRN) "This is an organization that was begun by Virginia Satir in 1970 to foster human growth and development by means of a conference. This conference focuses on innovations in family therapy and intervention tools that she and others had developed, and other recent developments." http://www.ihlrn.org We will update this as soon as the details are set.